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Suzy's World is set in New Zealand and is created for pre-teens and ten year olds with the intention of hopefully creating a master p lab working race.

The Host[edit]

Suzy's World is hosted by the infamous Suzy Cato, a woman who is obsessed with uncle's molestering young children and melting ice-cream in her microwave.

About the Show[edit]

Suzy's World is an after-show to the young children's show, Suzy Cato. Suzy Cato ensured that the youth of New Zealand grew up retarded and had no social life as she taught them to store everything in one-hundred tiny storage drawers and encouraged the kids to organise those drawers. Hence why so many people refuse to leave home.

Suzy's World was basically a follow up to her early childhood disaster career flop. She intended to teach older children all about making a P Lab and made sure that in doing so, knew that going outside turned you into Donna Versace because of the hole in the O-zone Layer. Thus creating, and ensuring another generation refused to leave the house and the pasty P Lab owners were born.

Brainwashing Methods[edit]

To distract the children from the blatant idea of Suzy trying to encourage youngsters to create and sell illegal pharmeceutical products, Suzy went on a rampage trying to teach children about insects, jelly (Jell-O) and various flavours of ice-creams. She also tried to set up a new NASA until she realised this couldn't be accomplished unless NASA were buying from her P Labs estabilished throughout New Zealand.

The insect's eyes were dialated as Suzy had just crushed up Panadol and Ritalin for the insects to snort. Please note that model insects were also larger than insects which are located in New Zealand. Perhaps indicating use of MSG. These insects made children want to be like them and so they called up Suzy Cato and asked how it was done.

Success Story[edit]

Parents realised about three years after their children started turning their wallpaper into maginificent shades of rainbow that something was the matter. The parents of the young children (now turned into successful P dealers throughout the country) rang up various children's show. The Go! Show testified and said that even though their show is a little dicey, they would not teach children to cultivate drugs within a lab as it is not their teaching method. Some parents, slightly shaken by this new information decided that they would keep record of this incase their children became pot dealers. Finally, reaching the home number of Suzy Cato, they received, to their dismay her answer phone.

What Happened to S Cato?[edit]

Sources say that Suzy Cato went on to masturbate with her uncle one day after she failed at inventing meltable ice-cream that doesn't stay melted. Paparazzi were informed that she had become a kleptomaniac after she failed to make profit from the P Lab scheme as the children got so addicted, that when she asked for her profit they bit her on the arm and told her to bugger off.

Suzy Cato now has rabies and she is a true fighter.