Sweet Tooth

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This is an artist's sketch of Sweet Tooth. Not pictured: His head is on fire

Sweet Tooth is a serial killer and clown. He has been convicted of both Grand Theft Auto and Auto Grand Theft. Also, he ran over children with an ice cream truck.

He is deemed armed and dangerous by 17 police departments and one chinese fire drill.


Sweet Tooth is considered especially dangerous because he drives a giant ice cream truck that shoots ice cream cones at people. Usually ice cream is a good thing, but in this case it is a homing rocket propelled explosive projectile; taking away from many of its good points.

It is rumored Sweet Tooth was a member of the Voltron team, though there is as of yet no conclusive evidence of this.


It is rumored that sweet tooth is controlling the entire contest and it is true.Because the characters seem that they dont remember calypso is because after every tournament,they suffer from amnesia.this is how the twisted metal series is aranged:tm,tm2,tm3,tm4,tm head-on, and tm black.Evereone is traped in sweet tooths head.the contest is actually sweet tooth's version of reality. (he won all twisted metal contest except # 4)