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Switch was started 5 years ago, broadcasting on 97.3 FM. It was set up by a very keen and enthusiastic young man. He managed to pull together a great group of volunteers who worked together to make a station that really sounded like it wanted to be on the air. However, the ABA (now ACMA) sold the license off to a commercial bidder. They were then offered a AM lisence. Not long into this period they realised that there target audience of Youth, didn't know what an "AM" was, so they changed there name and demographic, name to i1197 and demographic to Homosexuals. Over the next two years the station would get progressivly worse, and the volunteers started to factionise and hate each other, truth was the station was in the closet, putting its gay experimentation down to "being youth" when in reality it was a closet homosexual station. All the volunteers where also the same as this.


From August 2004 - April 2005 the station picked up greatly as Scott McDonald, Andrew Smith and Tom Hackett came into the station, and brought an element of straightness, and very very well produced radio. Producing some of the best ever moments of radio the station have ever seen. However, managment did not like the concept of:
1. Straight radio
2. Good radio
And thus after 6months of fighting they were kicked off air, and subsequently the three resigned from the station.

It was around this time that one of the new managment staff by the name of Dave Lewis thought to himself, "Maybe if we change to name back to Switch we will be more liked", obviously this is the dumbest thing ever thought in the history of dumb thoughts, but it happened and thus we have "Switch1197am" - The Closet Gay Station.

Switch Today Today Switch is as gay as ever, with People like Dave Lewis still running the station and making a complete mess of it. They still claim that one day it will be good, but for those who have been hearing it for the last three years, they are starting to realise that this day will never come. There are now only 2 or 3 volunteers still at the station who are worth a listen, or even a normal humans time of day.

Sucess Stories[edit]

To date, no member of the organisation has directly benifeted in future employment. They claim to have brought up people like Bruno Bouchet, a high flying producer, but in reality, Bruno would have been in this position without switch (probably faster, and less gayer).