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Syaoran. Kinda creepy after looking at that pic for a minute. A photo of Syaoran taken during his career in Playboy magazine.

“Wha....what is that thing?!?! Is that even a thing?!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Syaoran before he blew chunks

“Take off your panties!!”

~ Harry Potter on Syaoran


~ Cthulhu on Syaoran

“ My name is Syaoran.”

~ Mr. Takashi of Japan on being obvious

“ Syaoran?!”

~ Sakura Kinomoto on Syaoran

Syaoran (Sally Li Syaoran) was a magical boy from Hong Kong. His life was recorded by the comic Cardcaptor Syaoran*** from CLAMP, the 4 comic artists and secret agents and propagandists who are famous for making saccharine kawaii images for showing off on deviantART. As Syaoran flushes with shame at the time, and CLAMP learnt that it was a kind of service to the readers, they change the character into a girl. After that, the real person in Hong Kong has become a real girl. At first, Syaoran was changed into a princess. After the voting result from the otakus, she has different form. *** Also known in Canada as the butchered anime: "Cardcatchinglittledweebs" where Syaoran is changed back into a boy, and "Zero-chan" becomes "Sniffy the flying rat".

(According to some stupid fucking quack he had a really badass black sword before being turned into a girl. Unfortunately, no one's ever seen this.)

Origin of Syaoran[edit]

Syaoran Li (or should I say Sally Syaoran?) was the most iconic of the operation, Sally Syaoran Syaoran is a transsexual from Hong Kong. Originally a woman named Sally, Syaoran was drugged, dosed, and injected with hormones, even smuggled to Japan and unwillingly turned into a boy to add some manliness to the propaganda. Syaoran's role was to bring in horny teenagers and more boys to the operation's goal. Syaoran was not too pleased with becoming a boy and abused Sakura during their early encounters. However, he was eventually drugged up enough to fall in love with Sakura, eventually telling her during the final months of the operation, although he was deported back to Hong Kong before Sakura could reply with her own feelings. Syaoran did manage to return to Sakura by wearing a school dress and performing stripteases on a ferryboat. He fights with sword. After the end of the operation, Syaoran became a crossdressing fashion model and has appeared in Playboy for several years and had a sex change. She would find herself unwillingly again, to be turned into a girl. Her name now is Sally Syaoran. (Sally Li Syaoran).

This is Sally Li Syaoran. His name was Syaoran Li until he was unwillingly forced to be drugged with Ecstasy, as to being dosed and injected with hormones sex-change after behaving to being a naughty little boy towards Sakura Kinamoto. So Sakura Kinamoto used petticoating on him and drugged Syaoran with even more Ecstasy and dosed & injected him with girly hormones, thus, the result made him change in to a female. He would later find out that he no longer was a male. A name change was required for her to be a good little girl, so she decided to change her name from 'Syaoran' to Sally. Sally Syaoran is now required and forced to wear a school dress. She also is forecd to wear short preppy skirts, dresses, high heels, panties, knickers, and other female accessories. She is now Sally Syaoran. (Sally Li Syaoran). She loves to cross-dress as a [[[schoolgirl]].

Syaoran the Sailor Moon (Sailor Syaoran)[edit]

Normally, Syaoran the Sailor moon gets the highest voting rate by fans. Syaoran wears the short short pleated skirt and holds cute, lovely, kawaii or moe poses. She is known as Sailor Syaoran.

Syaoran the Magical Girl[edit]

Since Syaoran knows magic when she was a boy, sometimes she would be a magical girl, and has different tramsformation in her clothes, like the little witch suit. However, she will never know the magic to transform herself back into a boy.

Syaoran the Schoolgirl[edit]

Syaoran the schoolgirl

Of course, the sexy little girl is a schoolgirl. So more explainations in this paragraph are all rubbish. Rubbish rubbish rubbish etc.

Syaoran the Sister Princess[edit]

As Syaoran was so moe, sweety and tasty to so many otakus, they want to treat her at home. As a result, Syaoran become a sister princess to the otakus. They can listen to the yells of Syaoran like "Oiichan, yamete!"

Syaoran the Chobits[edit]

Moreover, some crazy otakus refit her into a girl shape computer -- Chobits. The master of Syaoran the Chobits has to push the button at a hidden place of her body for switching her on.

Syaoran at the DVD party[edit]

Syaoran has broken an erotic DVD of Yaiba Kurogane, her schoolmate, but she haven't got any erotic DVD for compensation. Thus Yaiba ordered Syaoran to perform the story with him, and the process was recorded on a new DVD. During the recording, Yaiba yells "DVD, DVD, DVD", which makes Syaoran afraid. It created a psychological shadow in Syaoran's mind. This event were knew by other schoolmates, includes Kōtarō Kobayashi, Eriol Hiiragizawa, Negi Springfield, Kanata Saionji, Kouta Otoyama, Conan Edogawa, Keitaro Urashima, Ash Ketchum, Matsuda Takato, Hikaru Shindō and Yūki Mitani, etc. They yelled the slogan "DVD, DVD, DVD" to Syaoran, Syaoran perform the story again with schoolmates.

Syaoran the Prostitute[edit]

She was also bisexual and a crossdresser: Syaoran both worked in brothels as a woman and patronized them as a man. In male garb and with the aid of a dildo, she could deceive any prostitute she wanted. Her cross-dressing allowed her to explore and learn and then exclusively to make money from sex work no matter which gender she chose.

Cardcaptor Syaoran[edit]

Cardcaptor Syaoran was a spin-off gender-bender of Cardcaptor Sakura. Which he (she) made his her own show. His life was based by the comic Cardcaptor Sakura *** from CLAMP, the 4 comic artists and secret agents and propagandists who are famous for making saccharine kawaii images for showing off anime and manga.

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