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Redstar1.pngIt is evident that this page was written by and is controlled by the Priests of Syrinx. Unfortunately, this makes it disgustingly bias-filled and is absolutely pointless if you don't live in 2112 A.D. or B.C.
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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Syrinx.

No one really knows who or what Syrinx is, unless you come from the distant future, about 2112. Now, if you really came from the future, would you be here reading uncyclopedia? Huh? Huh?

Syrinx, as of yet, is merely a prank pulled by Eris, Cthulhu and This guy, who just thought it would be fun puzzling little humans with an unknown word of uncertain origin.

The future[edit]

It's said there will be a certain cult, a blend of Cthulhu cultists, Soviet Russians and Wiccans. Like Cthulhu cultists, their sacred books will be made of unpronounceable and unintelligible gibberish. Like Soviet Russians, they'll assume control over you! And like Wiccans, they'll claim that their cult is as ancient as the Old Ones but in fact they'll be unable to track their history before 40 years ago.

The Past[edit]

In the past, the priests of syrinx baked pastor brown over a bed of hot coals, and ate his bones. They also took some dudes 112 year old guitar and broke it ='( .