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TBS (Televised Bull Shit) is run by the conservative head of Ted Turner. Thanks to the Fucking Cocksuckers Commission (FCC), the movies shown on TBS must always be sensored so that sensitive, sheltered, conservative parents will find the program appropriate for Little Johnny. Even if the movie is a soft-core porno like Showgirls, TBS ensures that all offenive four-lettered words (fuck, shit, cock, cunt, tits, dumb, anal, butt, dick, homo, piss, crap, nuts, damn, suck, blow, lick, pump, dump, dong, wang, hump, jump, bend, bang, whip, slap) are sensored and replaced with family words that promote positive values to our children. Intense lovemaking is an absolute no-no to the FCC but blowing a person's head off is a-ok! To most parents, making love and creating life is considered a moral violation while ending a person's life or causing bodily torture is NOT a moral violaion! Talk about irony!

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