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Redstar1.pngIt is evident that this page was written by and is controlled by the Priests of Syrinx. Unfortunately, this makes it disgustingly bias-filled and is absolutely pointless if you don't live in 2112 A.D. or B.C.

Acronym for "The Finest Manure". Used since 0 A.C. as a fertiliser, it is a byproduct of Sacred Chaos and highly appreciated for divinations by Slashdottian trolls and the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx.

Rituals of divination[edit]

As said by the Oracle of the Temples of Syrinx: "Lo and behold! The Sacred Chao has produced TFM, and after seven days on the ground it has grown fungi!. Seven days shalt thou count; never eight, never six unless you then proceed to seven. Then thou shalt proceed to pick up the fungi and for three days thou shalt dry them under the sun. Then thou shalt grind them and from the ground fungi thou shalt roll joints. That is the path to Wisdom".

“Rake the finest manure!”
~ Oscar Wilde on TFM

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