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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for That?

Commonly perceived as a misspelling, teh Oxford English Dictionary actually made a grievous mistake in 1658 when tehy first published teh first edition. During printing, an agent for Encyclopeia Brittanica (A precursor to Uncyclopedia) managed to infiltrate teh printing room witout teh all seeing eye of teh Pope knowing. teh unnamed agent switched teh word taht into that and teh rest is history.

People have been misspelling taht into that for ages. Only until teh age of teh typewriter that Mark Twain in his novel, teh two towers, accidentally type that as taht and thus, made a correct spelling for teh first time in ages. teh novel was printed to public ridicule due to teh number of typo especially involving teh word the and taht. Needless to say, he became a recluse that loathes society.

Only until recently taht secret Uncyclopedia documents found in a French library revealed the prank that took the world for fools for almost half a millenia. But mistakes has been made, and teh snub people at OED refused to recognize their mistakes, thus Uncyclopedia continues on its propaganda program to spread the word of teh taht.