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Tai Di is a war with four sides. In this war, nobody dies, but the loser will lose his or her honour as a Tai Di King or Queen. Interestingly, the weapons used is a flat piece of material with usually a mark printed on it, the mark will be of the soldier deploying the weapons.


This term for a war with four sides come from the Cantonese's 'Tai' but the 'Di' is from Hokkien literal translation of 'Big Two'. This implies that any weapons with the mark of a 'Two' soldier will be big. Among the 'Two' soldiers, the soldier from the Spades Legion is the biggest, followed by the one from the Hearts then the Clubs to the Diamonds.

The Legions of Tai Di[edit]

There are many ways of forming legions. But the usual one would be the formation of Symbol Legions, Spades as the crack troops or elite army, Hearts as the backup elites, Clubs as the normal mode of army and Diamonds as the kamikazes or the suicide soldiers.

From there, the formations can also include the Numbers sub-legions formation. The best sub-legion would be the 'Two', then the 'Ace', 'King', 'Queen', 'Jacks' commonly referred to as simply 'Jay', 'Ten', 'Nine', 'Eight', 'Seven', 'Six', 'Five', 'Four' and lastly, 'Three'.

War Play[edit]

Normally, each side would be given thirteen weapons randomly given. The side which has the weapon of the mark of the 'Three' soldier of the 'Diamonds' Legion starts first. The other option would be that the winner from the previous war would make the starting move.

When the 'Three' soldier of the 'Diamond' Legion, like the rest of the soldiers called by Legion 'Diamonds' then sub-legion 'Three' forming 'Diamond Three' for short, has been deployed, a better soldier has to be deployed by another opposing force 'Clubs Three' or better to counter the first. These counter moves carries on till a faction deploys a soldier who cannot be countered by any other soldier.

In this case, that faction can deploy the 'Two soldierstechnique' or the 'Five soldierstechnique'. In fact these two techniques can be played in the beginning of the game as well!

Most Tai Di warriors do not accept ending the war with a 'Two' soldier or deploying a 'Three soldierstechnique', although some ninnies insist that it is acceptable. These are usually the same people who take the longest time to make a move during their turn.

Two Soldiers Technique[edit]

This technique involves deploying two soldiers of the same sub legions. Lets say, at the beginning of the game, 'Diamond Three' and '(club, spade or hearts) Three' can be deployed. To counter this, a pair of soldiers 'Diamond Two' and 'Club Two' or bigger can be deployed. This carries on until of course someone deploys a pair whom no pair can beat then a new technique can be deployed.

Five Soldiers Technique[edit]

This technique can be divided into two types, namely 'Three-Two Full House' and 'Four-One Full House'.

Three-Two Full House: Deploy three soldiers of the same sub-legion and a pair of soldiers from another same sub-legion. To counter this, the opposing force have to look at the three soldiers' sub-legion and counter that sub-legion with another three soldiers from a higher sub-legion than the first, of course still applying the 'Three-Two Full House' deployment rules.

Four-One Full House: Deploy four soldiers of the same sub-legion and one odd soldier. Deploy another likes of this but with better sub-legion than the first to counter.

You can counter the 'Five Soldiers Technique' also by using the 'Straights' Strategy.

Straights Strategy[edit]

Get five soldiers of the same legion and deploy them. To counter this, you need to deploy another straights of a higher sub-legion with the same legion as the first or another straights of a higher legion.

You can counter the 'Straights Strategy' by using the 'Flush Tactic'.

Flush tactic[edit]

Get five soldiers of the same legion and some consecutive sub-legion. To counter this, just deploy a 'Flush tactic' of a higher consecutive sub-legion with the same legion as the first or deploy a 'Flush tactic of a higher legion and some consecutive sub-legion.

Story behind It[edit]

If you realise it at all, this war game can be played using cards. I just substitute the Suit for the legion and the Number for the sub-legion. This game is similar to poker but instead of the Ace being the biggest, the two is the biggest followed by the ace then the king, so on and so forth. This game is always played in China, Singapore and Malaysia. Chinese from these three countries can be found all over the world and most of them knows how to play it, mostly the kids don't really play with money, haven't heard of such cases yet, except maybe my class.