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Above Average Adolescent TailGater

Tail Gater (Homo Lemuriformes) are a recent evolution of the Human Race and it's genome in the sense that is of result of nuclear mutation rather then that of conventional Natural Selection.

In the late 1980s The Chernobyl disaster caused wide Spread Panic among many nations including Disneyland of its effects of pollution and contamination of local wildlife. One of the radioactive drifted to the (officially) undiscovered island of Isle of Woman which has since drifted towards the Bermuda Triangle hence it became lost. Also at that time, the island had an infestation of Lemurs which threatened to destroy the local infrastructure. It was so bloody that the women were slapping teeth and blood against this odd creatures and as their radioactive cloud swarmed the island killing almost everyone there. Anybody that survived rushed to reproduce and repopulate the island but all the new offspring had odd lemur-like characteristics and physical attributes. The new formed Tail gates had to leave the island before they were slaughtered. They escaped by hopping on life support boats and escaped from the island.

Since the species was largely asexual, they did not need others males to reproduce (though a little experience in the sack never hurt anyone). They have since reproduced across the globe. The name Tail Gate is Tail which is their obvious difference to normal human (or non Tail gaters) and gate which is just a euphemism used by men to get in their Pants (Unlocking the Gate *wink*).

They had no trouble integrating with humanity getting jobs in seedier Strip Clubs and sometimes getting regular jobs by flirting with other men to get their way.


70% of Tail Gaters have blonde hair while 20% have brown hair and the last 10% have red hair. All have well proportioned tails that is equal to their body structure and weight and have black and white stripes down them, the fluffier the tail more mature they are.

Every two months they have period of heat in which their tails getting sensitive and frisky. So not to disturb their fellow acquaintance, they class it as a disease Called Athletes Tail.

A Front and back anatomy of a second form Tail Gater

Thanks to the regular reproduction of tail gaters, the first generation started which the humans like very much (in with a tail) known as the modern Western Tail Gater (Homo LemuriZweiformes). The Second Generation Form was born from the most fertile Tail gaters. They are capable of rearing more young and live longer. Human beings have found this form not quite so reassuring particular by they sinister orange eyes but also the furry ears they possess (which make them good at hearing).

But thanks to the dual set of mammary glands, they can look after more offspring and keep them well nourished. They are sexually aggressive and can intimidate humans and other Tail Gaters (they have known to be "Gating Fights* between each other to see which mate they get first). As a result of this they get Athletes Tail almost on a daily basis and without proper treatment and get to heat very quickly.

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