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Google-is-watching-you.jpg Did you know that this page is being linked to from the following external sources?

ATS website forum about this page.
You can find more links (maybe) by clicking here or maybe here

A mysterious post in order to change the red link to blue. Blue, I tell you! Aleister 13:06 4-4-'12

It's hard to tell if this is satire or legitimate praise for the site. mrthejazz I don't know if this image is the right size, but I'm trying. (please talk to me i'm lonely.) 00:40, April 5, 2012 (UTC)
Both. I wanted to make it funny to readers there, satirizing their culture on the site. The main purpose of the mainspaced page was to share some interesting threads, to feed the curiosity gene of our very curious members. Aleister 10:34 5-4-'12
    • He is a praise seeking member writing a commercial for ATS so the mods will pet him. Red Skare (talk) 00:15, April 6, 2012 (UTC)
      • Whoh, is that my dick you just sucked? I can hardly feel it. I wrote the page to pass along some good data, and built a non-ED article to carry it along. This is my first page here, and I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet, but how would you know I only seek praise from admins at ATS? Are you a mind reader too? Aleister 00:23 6-4-'12
    • Oh please you ran to tell the mods before you even corrected the spelling on thisRed Skare (talk) 00:30, April 6, 2012 (UTC)
      • I told no mods (models?) nothing. Look, I kept lots of your stuff and edited it, some of it was good. Why not just stop being a dick and join this site? Aleister minutes later
        • Oh, you mean the welcome template. I didn't get one of those, but I think its almost automatic. Aleister
      • ATS is a retarded, i have yet to see a more heavily moderated site on the internet. I can say more in an airport in front of TSA than i can at ATS. The place is a watered down MTV version of a conspiracy site, you want an actual conspiracy site? Try or Acid-pulse. Red Skare (talk) 00:39, April 6, 2012 (UTC)