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Since this was fast becoming a flypaper for anons and other, I have edited the existing article to a far less abusive version with some additions. Hopefully this will be improved and expanded by other writers. --RomArtus Imperator(talk) 18:49, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Hope you don't mind a smart quote here.

I have included it on the front. Also..sign your posts. --RomArtus Imperator(talk) 17:49, July 25, 2011 (UTC)

I FUCKING HATE this wiki how dare you mock her like this. She was a beautiful talented generous human being who met a tragic end at an early age. You laugh at her serious problems, laugh at her early demise god I HATE YOU. I am so sick of talentless unfunny shits who can't make a joke just be nasty for no reason, tell me ass holes did steve coogan have to mock a women for her appearance did John Cleese have to insult a dead women to make Fawlty Towers funny your sick and obscene all of you. Even if this does get changed it doesn't matter you kept this obscene article up for way too long (before she died was written about her here was still disgusting) I am going to vandalise as many articles on uncyclopedia as possible as revenge and I have also instructed all of my many friends to do this and they will fuck faces

Instead of vandalising this you could have improved the article but now you got banned instead. I don't know where Steve Coogan or John Cleese come into this but I recall seeing plenty of articles/tv sketches that made fun of Amy Winehouse when she was alive. This is certainly no work of genius. Winehouse was indeed a fantastic singer but she will also be remembered for her personal life which ended up as a shambles. What is here is just a reflection of that fact. --RomArtus Imperator(talk) 23:29, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

I think some of the jokes on this page are in extreme bad taste, showing a picture of her before her death is saying that this is her after she died is pretty nasty. Remember be clever I think this awhole article should be re written as it doesn't actually make a point its just abusive, it doesn't even say why Winehouse's music is so shit. Fretover, 22:47, August 17, 2011

I have edited some more abusive content from this and will continue to do so until someone takes it up her okay, cheers. Fretover, 23:01, August 17, 2011

Nothing in here is intended to be taken seriously, in fact, I would encourage you to read it sarcastically. May I suggest that you start a rewrite (MAKE IT FUNNY) in your userspace rather than vandalizing the article and making it less consistent. If the article were about Justin Bieber, would you require a reason that his music is shit? It is all in the taste of the listener, and this article is written from the point of view of a hater. If you don't like that point of view, start a new article in your userspace about how she was super great and perfect in every way. But make it funny. -- Simsilikesims(♀UN) Talk here. 22:21, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

I haven't vandalised anything I've just taken out all the stuff that was in bad taste. Don't try and tell me that some of the stuff here was not in bad taste regardless of how you read it. Showing a picture of her alive when she was miserable and then saying this is her after she died is in appalling taste. I think I would require a reason for Justin Biebers music being shit and I could give you a million reasons for why it is shit. It just and I don't mean to sound up my own arse but it just sounds like someone having a rant if all you do is say "this person is ugly and shit" like this article does.

First off, Fretover, sign your shit. (Use "~~~~", without the quotes.)
Second, your family, your friends, and the leprous orphans in China whose sores you could be cleansing right now, are all begging that you please stop neglecting throw a hissy fit over the drivel that a bunch of spazz-tards[1] wrote about a deceased lush. I'm sure that if she were still alive, and she were sober, and were capable of seeing the tragic humor of her situation[2], Ms. Winehouse might do nothing more than shrug at this article[3]. Why? Because there is truth in it, and if it is "shocking" or "ranting", it should be. Life is a miserable suckage, whose only redeeming value is attained by mocking it savagely. Her life was a shining example of this fact.
Even if this article was just a blatant attack, as you claim...well, you may not have noticed, but this is a satire site that almost no one has heard of, and that even fewer actually visit. "Bad taste" and "ranting" are part of the modus operandi here, and we (I mean, me and the other shaved chimps who use our feces to write this stuff) are rather fond of showcasing our decrepit taste and our pointless rants. We are altogether incorrigible. Is this windmill-tilting of yours such a good utilization of your time? Really? I'd rather if you took heart, instead, in the fact that very few (admittedly horrid) people are reveling in this most tasteless and snide rant which is defiling the memory of your precious idol.
Interestingly, I don't see where it says "Amy Winehouse was an ugly bitch."[4] "...Evolving into a horse," yes, but most people I know would agree that horses are beautiful, majestic animals. Odd, how your mind interprets this article as an attack against her looks. I'm the particular spazz-tard responsible for the caption you take the most issue with, so let me ask you a question. Which is more authentic: a pastel-colored history of Ms. Winehouse with all the nasty bits scrubbed off, and with airbrushed pictures of her from "happier times", or a brutal satire of her, including a picture with a caption that draws stark attention to the fact that she was allegedly alive at the time it was taken, but appeared to be half-dead?
To sum up, just in case you claim "TL;DR!!!!": please slow your roll, before you get banned. This is a satirical rant, not a personal diatribe against your poor departed angel. (And even if that weren't true, nobody cares.)
Food for thought.
⇒»Biz E.B. Ver Icons-flag-us.png (gabble) 11:30, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

  1. Including me!
  2. which she apparently was never capable of, but that's neither here nor there
  3. Or sue. Actually, she'd probably have sued, had she (a)ever heard of Uncyclopedia, (b)ever read her own entry in Uncyclopedia, and (c)actually not been too high to find her lawyer's phone number.
  4. Although I'll probably add that in the future, just to wig you out.

I want this article deleted now its fucking disgusting and I don't see why Amy Winehouse deserves this vile treatment. I have looked through the articles of many other musicians on this wiki and most of them are funny because they are not nasty they suck up to the person more than they insult them. The Freddie Mercury article kisses his ass it calls him awesome every second word. Amy Winehouse's one doesn't give her any credit it insults her looks calls her boring makes out she was just a junkie calls her a whore. She had an amazing voice listen to love is a losing game, Back to Black and wake up alone and then tell me she didn't have an amazing voice. She is not known for having a bad singing voice either this article is clearly just one cunt's opinion, most people praised her for her music even if they didn't support her lifestyle. Everyone form music critics to Tony Bennett to the Rolling Stones to Queen (minus Freddie of course) to Debbie Harry to Adele to Lady Gaga to Etta James to Alice Cooper to Quincy Jones all said she was the best singer of her time, she won awards and sold millions of albums the biggest artists around right now are directly inspired by her by their own admission Adele, Paloma Faith, Lady Gaga, Jessie J. Amy Winehouse deserves an article sucking up to her just like Freddie Mercury has got she doesn't deserve to be called a whore a slut and ugly just because she did drugs I mean get over yourselves which singer hasn't done drugs or shagged about. Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Sid Vicious (who also killed someone FFS, funny that your harder on a woman who wrote her own songs and sung alongside the likes of Tony Bennett that's only crime was doing drugs. You don't go easy on her and at least admit that she had talent when someone like Tony Bennett seeks her out to sing alongside him Tony Bennett who has been in the industry for 60 years, Brian May says she is a legend, the likes of Prince and George Michael cover her songs, she inspires someone as hugely successful as Lady Gaga or Adele you don't admit she had at least some talent, yet you are easy on a guy like Sid Vicious who couldn't fucking play even after being taught for ages by Lemmy or write and could barely sing and whose worst crime was knifing his lover to death, why do I have a feeling there are double standards here.), Freddie Mercury, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones etc etc. The only musicians I can think of who haven't done drugs or slept about or done anything wild are ones like Cliff Richard LOL. The person who wrote this article can stick with Cliff but let the rest of us who like real music stick with Winehouse please.

Honestly it pisses me off so much that you dicks call her a prostitute and a whore. How exactly was she a whore she didn't even sleep around fucking Freddie Mercury slept around more than her so did Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain they all did. DELETE THIS PAGE it is fucking obscene looks like it was written by that guy Warren Mears from Buffy the Vampire Slayer this page was clearly written by a misogynist only a misogynist would call a woman a whore for doing drugs. There is shocking controversial humor and there is just being a dick and that's all this page is. I thought you had to be funny and not stupid. Can someone tell me what is funny about saying that Amy Winehouse had a miscarriage was a prostitute, desperate men wouldn't fuck her tell me how good looking are the people who write this page. I know your all probably gonna block me soon and say something even more vile about Amy Winehouse but still the point still stands this page is not funny, vicious, stupid ignorant, and misogynistic.

U mad bro?--IwillKILLyou333 Talk If you dare 21:33, June 7, 2012 (UTC)
On a more serious note, if you don't like something on an article, fix it. Ranting about it is just pointless.--IwillKILLyou333 Talk If you dare 21:33, June 7, 2012 (UTC)
Blanking isn't the answer anon IP, nor turning the page into a Facebook fan page. The floor is yours to improve it, replace one idea with another. The floor is yours. --RomArtus Imperator(talk) 23:35, July 7, 2012 (UTC)