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I cant believe what you put EVIL CENTRAL pal. how dare you insult us like this. Cough in your face.

Thanks a bunch mate. you really think highly of us lot. Ps. not all of us are inbred it's only the dreaded CHAVS.


it ryte gud but weirs bit abart deedars darnt ruad. gi them sum shite andy frum tarn

This article needs more infomation on Chavs chavs (they don't deserve a capital letter.), so people can better prepare themselves.

-- As as Barnslian who escaped, I love this article.


I've lived in Barnsley all my life I've never read as much crap in my life. Barnsley people are some of the best people you'll ever come across, no doubt this article was written by Cockney sparrows!!!!

brilliant, and yes I was born and bred in Barnsley