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I was thinking about making this, but it's here already half made. I have to admit that I don't actually know what Bizarro from Superman is all about. Wiki Tiki God 07:01, 20 Nov 2005 (UTC)

Here is what I was musing over.

Alternate Beginning[edit]

Bizarro World is an alternate universe where everything is supposed to be exactly opposite from this one but is really just half assed opposite. It is thought that the supreme omnipotent being that made Bizarro World hated God and suffered from an extreme lack of imagination. Although some things do achieve 100% oppositeness, most just have goattess and are blue.

Bizarro World Counterparts[edit]

  • Bizarro Coke tastes like Pepsi
  • In Bizarro World good guys are NOT bad guys. They are, however, assholes and usually have goattes.

Bizzarro Infiltration[edit]

Since the Bizarro World alternates are so half asssed at being opposite, they sometimes find thier way into this world by going through one way tunnels the wrong way and backwards. For instance it is well known that Bizarro Tom Cruise is almost exaclty like regular Tom Cruise, both being notable Couch haters. (NOTE: Bizarro Tom Cruise is NOT gay, and NOT in the closet EXACTLY like regular Tom Cruise.)

It has been suggested that Soviet Russia is in fact Bizarro United States. Having things do you is a really half assed way of being opposite. For instance, in Soviet Russia kittens huff YOU.