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Unilateral Reverts by ToastyCylon[edit]

I'm here to help practice my writing. I don't have the time for edit or flame wars - I just want to write. You can go to my user page to see examples of my work (United Nations is my favorite, and also see Saint Valentine).

In the midst of trying to funny up Brokeback, ToastyCylon reverted the entire article back to a previous version - and did it at least twice! Now, for me, since this article was a work in progress, just reverting the entire article kinda takes the wind of of your sails for working on future edits, don't you think? ToastyCylon's reason for reverting the entire article was that he didn't like one section - but if he dind't like one section, why revert the top quotes, the critic's comments, the body text I was working on - the entire article?

I wanna continue to funny-up this article - it certainly needs the work - but not if I'm gonna lose all my edits because of just one section. --Jester 05:50, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

Nothing's stopping you from going in the history page and copying the stuff you added, if it's that important. I originally just deleted the section, then when my edit got reverted I reverted back. --ToastyCylon 12:11, 8 February 2006 (UTC)
No. You reverted the article twice. I deleted the section. --Jester 17:02, 8 February 2006 (UTC)
I dunno about the quote part, but the entire homophobic part of the article was also blasted, which... was my entire contribution... --DropDeadGorgias 19:32, 16 February 2006 (UTC)

Revert to a funnier version from the one below[edit]

“ Ew, gay!”

~ Peter Griffin on Brokeback Mountain

“Aren't independent films just a bunch of gay cowboys eating pudding?”

~ Cartman on Brokeback Mountain, circa 1998

“Needs more cowbell.”

~ Richard Nixon on Brokeback Mountain

“Too little sex to be a gay porno, too much tragedy to be a romance, and too many sheep to be a Western. Watch out for my remake : "Nickelback mountain"”

~ Oscar Wilde on Brokeback Mountain

“Ooh I'm Nelson, I use a salad fork.”

~ Homer Simpson on Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a 2005 movie by Ang Lee about gay cowboys eating pudding.


Brokeback Mountain is a comedy about two bungling cowboys who suffer hilarious misadventures while working off their gambling debts. The story takes place on the dreaded Brokeback Mountain, named so for its notorious reputation of being controversial. The story ends when the "Odd" couple figure out who is behind the cattle-rustling ring of Brokeback Mountain, who turns out to be Old Man Johnson, the kind, old shopkeeper. The end also sets up the sequel to the movie, which has just finished filming, "Brokeback Mountain II: The San Fransisco Treat." Back to the topic, Brokeback Mountain, although a comedy, also has a few touching, sensitive moments. Like when Heath Ledger was humorously bitten by a rattlesnake after "accidently" sitting on it, Jake successfully withdrew all the venom by using an old suction technique. The key issues of the movie deal with learning to tie your shoes, potty-training and dealing with drugs. While it is not the key issue, Homosexuality is addressed in the movie, but only when the men walk in on each other changing. In one of the funniest exchanges in the movie, Heath Ledger remarks to Jake, "Gee, and I thought The Hulk was a bigger flop," to which Jake replied,"I guess not."

Critics Quotes[edit]

  • "If they can use cowboys to sell skanky cigarettes that will eventually kill you slowly and painfully, why not also use cowboys to sell queers?" ~Gene Siskel (deceased)
  • "A tender, loving story that shows the tender, loving side of a tender, loving man showing the tender, loving side of anal rape" ~The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • "Judge me by my size, do you?" ~Tom Cruise (who is not gay, he is yag)
  • "Fun for the hole family" ~The RADICAL GAY AGENDA Quarterly
  • "What?" ~Paris Hilton


BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN II- THE SAN FRANCISCO TREAT: In it, the pair add a third cowboy to the mix, who owns a City-based beverage production plant. The new character Ernie has just discovered someone has stolen the secret formula to his newest energy drink "My Duds" and has poisoned all of the products at the plant. Its up to all three of them to save the day.

In February 2006, it was announced that Ang Lee, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal have all signed up to make two more sequels for tentative release next year.

BROKEBACK TO THE FUTURE: This second sequel is rumoured to be about a divide in the relationships between Ennis, Jack and Ernie when the three of them are each take to different periods in history. Ennis goes to 1955 where he is lost without a hope, Jack goes back to caveman times where he falls for the first cowboy, Ug, and invents homosexuality. Ernie however is taken back to the days when his parents were in school, where his father falls for him and he has to make his mother cool enough to date his father. In the process, he invents the reverse Oedipus complex, wanting to kill his mother and shag his father.

The plot of the fourth movie is unknown, although it has been announced that the title will be BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN IV: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO

Oscar Wilde is filming his own personal remake of the story, featuring (as he stated earlier) more gay porno and less tragedy, with a side order of metal : Nickelback mountain.

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