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this is very wrong especially about do it yourself.. all do it "your self" will do is make you suffer in the end Ive had to deal with may cases like this if you really want it done the gov. will pay for it look it up ask around even if you feel awkward just ask even with a therapist.. a medical doc or a reg doc u see a check ups even at a free clinic... its best to ave it done by a doctor... look it up you will find so many stories gone wrong then people wind up suffering and dieing slowly in pain and discomfort because one thing lead to many other things....DONT DO IT YOU SELF!!!! look it up and see result by hospitals in U.S Sweden Greenland UK AUST. Russ. and GREM over 97% have gone WRONG and live but contract other disses and problems the others 3% die right away or die when seeking help after the act and or has infection but die so soon with in day or weeks from blood loss or cutting to fat in side body File:Google self castration and see photos click and read