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Stop reverting the article to its former unwieldy unfunny tottering pile of mediocrity. I understand that you like writing your sonic/tails slash, but this article is just horrible.

Needs some "Chaos"[edit]

The article is fine as it is, but when I clicked on the link here i expected more of an article that looks like what it is about, utter unrelenting chaos. For that reason I believe that there should be a separate article (or even a redirect to an article with random blithering, like mad libs) just for chaos and another one for the background behind it.--User:Unknown user/sig

Umm... i don't like the way this article looks so i'm gonna edit it.

Someone add the pilot from the Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam video as the pilot of the Anarchist plane. Also, this article is pretty funny, just extremely disjointed. 13:12, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

People are sooooo stupid[edit]

This article is SUPPOSED to be about Chaos, the "God of Destruction" and protector of Chao. However, apparently some bastard took it apart, made it so none of the Christ Family Tree makes sense; and you totally made life signifigantly worse for people everywhere. And, FYI, just because you don't like the way an article looks doesn't mean you should edit it. Especially when you have horrible taste. Such as yourself. Now, just look at the predicement you've put Uncyclopedia in. You should be ahamed of yourself. Because Chaos is ashamed of you.

But seriously, could SOMEONE please put this article back to the way it was? I mean, when it was actually GOOD?

...Now please excuse me while I go have myself some deliciously delectable Chaos Cola.