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In the episode Spartan vs. ninja, I do believe the Ninja will win. You all dont understand that the Ninja was used for espianage and assasination, and was a master of invisability. The ninja would have infiltrated the spartans, where ever that would be, camp, mian base at there home of rule or anywhere and would of killed there king or queen or whatever. One death of a person in a high position of government would send the spartans or whomever they chose to take out into a toppled government. The ninja where trained to enter , assasinate,and leave all without being seen, but if confronted by say a spartan, if the ninja used the black egg, that spartan would be blinded for the rest of his life, therefore if being hit with that egg, he cannot see therefore he cannot fight!!!! That was one of the trials in which the ninja used the black egg filled glass and powder and blinded the spartan, but the spartan seemed to brush this off. bullshit!!!! if you cant see and your in pain especialy in the eyes, you cannot fight. dont get me wrong, I know the spartans are great warriors and kicked a hell of a lot butt!!! If you dont know where your enemy is you dont stand a chance.-- 02:22, October 7, 2009 (UTC)