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Well, I think Legoland should be renamed to plastic brick-land. What d'you think? -- 22:42, 7 Aug 2005 (UTC)

no legoland is good, i say it stays. however, the estonian and danish girls being fat and/or ugly should be removed...thats just LAME. CheeseLover 04:37, 11 Sep 2005 (UTC)


I just corrected a few errors in the mini parleur. Good job by the way - I sure am proud to be Danish...

Which will be pointless crap to anyone ells than danes.

Reffering to obscure small towns is just not fun for anyone ells then those who recides in exacly that city, which means absolutely none.

This is great!!

Rødgrød med baby, i eat that all the time. Havent laughed this much in a long time


I am concerned that this article might offend some people, given its unfavorable view toward Denmark.

hey i'm danish and i think its hilarious! no one takes this site seriously, its jz 4 laughs! :D

- are you kidding? this site is unfavourable to everyone and everywhere that's why it's so funny. You wanna see offensive (but extremely funny) look at the french and german entries.

This article is crap. Go eat shit fuckers.

"I am concerned that this article might offend some people". I'm concerned that you might infect this article with your estrogen. GTFO!