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I think at this point we have to accept that we can't come up with anything funnier than what we have just posted about Dianetics. It makes you think that it's possible for people to have special powers like the elves do in The Lord of the Rings! We humans are only capable of going to work and sitting on our asses at home. We could "never" get to the point have "magic". I mean after all, we are just maggets being ruled by God. And like a Christian said to me just the other day, we only live to make God happy and if he is happy then so is he or we(except I don't exactly believe this balonie). Anyhow, why would we need something as stupid as Dianetics when all our lifes are just nice and peachy and perfect already.

Truth is funny[edit]

Truth is funnier than fiction in this one. I'm masturbating on the prospect of this article being as trutful as possible and now I'm trying to make a sencence too long for my feeble english skills. 11:56, 14 July 2007 (UTC)