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To whom it may concern

Great article, I think it is very funny social commentary based off of stereotypes. As I am about I have played D&D off and on over the past 15 years, and because I am 3 months away from obtaining a masters degree in the social sciences, I would like to give my feedback. For classes I would remove rape from the soldier class, because a female going to college has a 1 in 3 chance of being raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime, for general society it is 1 in 4 (both of those are sociology/feminism class stats), for the military the ratio is 20% according to the DOD; if you where to describe a fucked up behavior pattern I would put domestic violence instead, and include a percentage dice that you have to get a 00 to not be divorced if you put a marriage with the character (as a former Marine, I would say the marriage part is very true even though I have not been stupid enough to get married yet, and the domestic violence part is just associated with high rates of dangerous civil servant type job like cop, firefighter, EMT, but especially cops). I would include the classes of terrorist, gold digger, trust fund baby, traditional civil servant (cop, firefighter, EMT), IRS agent, and bartender. I would place a 3.5 edition over a 4.0 edition due to my own personal preferences, and due to wizards of the coast (the company that produces D&D) are looking to create a new edition already, and they are including the fans in the process; meaning there will be a lot of elements of 3.5 and AD&D in the new edition. Thank you again for putting together this article, for giving me a good laugh at some dark humor, and giving me something to do instead of studying that isn't work, working out, and TV. Thank you

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