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Since it doesn't fit on the main article. - Sir Sikon [formerly known as Guest] 14:31, 22 June 2006 (UTC)

haha, dude, i fucking knew it before i even clicked on this. anything with a similar spelling to "euroipods" has to be turned into an inside joke. the whole euroipods thing had been gone for too long anyway, i didn't have an excuse to bitch about it. --Testicles 00:11, 8 July 2006 (UTC)

Excellent article. --Joachim22 09:13, 22 June 2006 (UTC)
Death is not the worst that can happen to this — it should be hurled into Chaos. :) -- PL470 orate 21:32, 22 Mounychion 428 BC (UTC)
Hey, I was borne unto Chaos. Just for that, I'm gonna mess with your dialogues after you pass so that even scholars will never affirm their proper chronology. Dick. -- Chronos time waits for no man but I will pause for porn 21:32, 22 Thargelion 428 BC (UTC)
In any right article, the area of the joke whose side is teh funny (the side of humour opposite humor) is equal to the power of the laughter of the reader on the other two goats. Something like that. -- Pythaggy speak in numbers 21:32, 23 Thargelion 428 BC (UTC)
I get the joke but it's very, very Lame... I mean like "Why wouldn't they let the dung beetle into the Parthenon? HE HAD ONLY ONE TETRADRACHM AND IT WASN'T... wait, that's not it. Shit, it'll come to me. Aristophony II 21:32, 3 Scirophorion 428 BC (UTC)

This article makes all of the baby Olympiad cry. —Archimedes 04:01, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

Man Archimedes, you sure are dense. And smelly. Please take a bath.--Pythaggy speak in numbers 05:28, 4 Scirophorion 428 BC (UTC)
(Completely irrelevant comment) that bath joke was hilarious TheMono 19:31, 23 June 2006 (UTC)
See that, Archimedes? See? --Medooza got stoned? 22:45, 7 Hecatombaion 428 BC (UTC)
Sour grapes, anyone? -- Agathon 22:45, 8 Hecatombaion 428 BC (UTC)
You called? Aesop the Sysop cry wolf 22:45, 16 Hecatombaion 428 BC (UTC)

If you put aside the fact that this dialogue is an atrocity, then you will realise it is nothing more than one Greek talking to himself. This is Thebes, not Delphi, or some stupid nymph's pastoral meadow. So please, stop having fun. (See also HTME) --Homer not that Homer 23:39, 1 Metageitnion 428 BC (UTC)

a joke[edit]

i love this joke, but i can't figure out how to work it into the article

An ancient Greek goes into a tailor shop with a couple of torn togas. The tailor says "Euripides?" and the guy says "Yeah. Eumendides?" Matt Kurz 00:43, 23 June 2006 (UTC)

That joke flows, this article stands still. I say we burn it.-- Heraclitus The Obtuse 03:50, 23 Metageitnion 427 BC (UTC)
I'll bring the fire. ProMetheUs fennel at me 03:57, 28 Metageitnion 427 BC (UTC)
I'll bring the moussaka. Pericleeeeze 03:57, 4 Boedromion 427 BC (UTC)

Honey, can't we all just get along? I really mead it. --AmbrosiaNature... or Nectar 04:52, 6 Boedromion 427 BC (UTC)

Does Zeus really have to explain himself?[edit]

Okay, so some Olympians (*glances toward Poseidon*) don't think Euripides deserves the favour of the gods. I'm here to provide you with a crapload of lightning bolts that say otherwise. That is all, go back to screwing around with mortals. --ZeusSuit Riot 12:02, 9 Boedromion 427 BC (UTC) P.S. Ambrosia, stop stealing my sigs.

I'm here to provide you with a clever retort that I heard from Socrates: Go fuck yourself. That is all, go back to screwing mortals. PL470 orate 21:00, 13 Pyanopsion 2006 (UTC)

I just want to get laid! (;_;) --Zeus 23:07, 18 Pyanopsion 427 BC (UTC)
Oh for Herakles' sake, is that all you think about, Zeus? You'd think having two daughters spring right out of your head would at least give you some perspective on what's worth the trouble of smiting mortals with lightning bolts for. --Hera 03:14, 19 Pyanopsion 427 BC (UTC)
Well, actually, that is all I think about. I vaguely recall a time when I thought about souvlaki, but after a while it all started to kind of blend together. --Zeus 05:29, 19 Pyanopsion 427 BC (UTC)

Comedy or Tragedy?[edit]

Perhaps all this debate could be settled over an orgy? I'm just saying. --Dionysus 07:14, 4 Maimacterion 427 BC (UTC)

Oh, I see, it's coincidence-laden ancient history. Is that it? --Homer not that one either 04:01, 18 Maimacterion 427 BC (UTC)
I still don't find this dialogue funny. Not like, "How many Peloponnesian War Generals does it take to procure Athens surrender?" Crap, I lost it again. --Aristophony II 06:14, 1 Poseideion 427 BC (UTC)

To quote Aristotle on causality, "This crap is crap." I didn't say that, Aristotle did — how this got onto the stage no one knows. --PL470 orate 08:18, 3 Poseideion 427 BC (UTC)

Actually, this is reminiscent of the concept of the logos as espoused by me, Heraclitus of Ephesus, about 35 years ago. Of course, then Socrates came along and basically fucked everybody's shit up completely. --Heraclitus of Ephesus 06:14, 3 Poseideion 427 BC (UTC)

I was a real Greek Cynic as to weather or not this should actually be given an encore performance, at least I was a year and a half ago. It pales in comparission to "The Kraken", "Help! The gods Must Be Batshit Insane", and "Help! The gods Must Be Batshit Insane" (and "Help! The gods Must Be Batshit Insane" for that matter). I however, though not compleatly, am out of my gourd after reading the article submitted by PrettiestPerseus above and have subsequently shattered my bowl. Although I'm not quite sure if theres some mythology here, I do belive that it's "gods Blessed" material. Lets all just agree that somone has dipped this dialogue into the river Styx but maybe, just maybe, forgot to wet its spiel. I only hope that no one tries to replicate it. --Dino Genii 01:49, 14 Gamelion 427 BC (UTC)

I agree. Discussing dialogue like this and rewarding it was tragically comic this time. Doing it again would be just plain stupid. You here that??? Stupid. Just plain stupid.--Idiocrates 03:56, 14 Gamelion 427 BC (UTC)
No, it wasn't tragically comic, it as comically tragic. I will take you to the semantic cleaners, pal. Nothing about this dialogue is funny because I said so. It's just a Pandora's Box of shit. Normally this stuff is smitten in an instant. And to make matters worse this dialogue just keeps rolling on and on, yet never seems to go anywhere. --Homer wrong again 07:31, 15 Gamelion 427 BC (UTC)
I know exactly what you mean. --Sisyphus rock lobster 09:02, 15 Gamelion 427 BC (UTC)

Things that are tragic to me[edit]

1. Not Euripides, who makes me wet my toga in sheer visceral delight

Please carve your name in the side of the temple so that I know which god to appease. -- Anaxagoras (Talk) 02:04, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

1. Not Euripides, who makes me wet my toga in sheer visceral delight
2. Things that smell like fish, only are not fish.
3. The letter alpha, repeated many, many times.

Seriously, explain the tragedy here. It just looks like a happy page that didn't directly lead to any needless, meaningless deaths. --Prodicus (talk) 12:45, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

  • Points and laughs -—Anaxagoras (Talk) 15:04, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)
1. Not Euripides, who stole 32 drachmas from me back in 432 and never repaid me
2. Everything else in the Parthenon, except someone named "Oprah Winfrey."
3. Mostly every other virgin in the temple, with the exeption of any of the ones I had sex with

--Protagoras 04:31, 26 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

  • Points and laughs -—Anaxagoras (Talk) 05:04, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

Wait. Actually, that list is tragic. In fact, now that I think of it... -—Anaxagoras (Talk) 05:18, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

You cry over me? You really cry over me? --Protagoras 16:26, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC)

1. Not Euripides, who makes me confused, horny, and strangely dissatisfied with my current ISP.
2. Nipple Irons.
3. Beating Parthians with Sticks.
4. Hamsters (They're What's For Dinner!)

--Aeschylus Online Vandal Note: The preceding was posted at 19:52, 25 Anthesterion 426 BC (UTC) by IP address Gamma.Lambda.Phi.Omega. Admins check timestamp.

Can't we all just find some cute slave girls and smoke some hemp?[edit]

Look, guys. I'm a little tired of all this inner dialogue, serio-comic buffoonery, and failure to even bother reading the Cliff's Notes of Eugene O'Neill's plays. I say we call a halt to all this crap and go get stoned, and I mean, like, totally. --Chrysippus 17:07, 10 Elaphebolion 425 BC (UTC)

Screw you, asswipe - I'm already stoned, and you can't have any of what I'm smokin'. Nyaah, nyaah, nyaah. --Phrynichus 21:32, 10 Elaphebolion 425 BC (UTC)
Fine. Be that way. But just you wait until the next Festival of Poseidon, buddy - I'm coming down on you like a thousand talents of marble blocks. --Chrysippus 23:32, 10 Elaphebolion 425 BC (UTC)
I know you are but what am I. --Phrynichus 01:59, 11 Elaphebolion 425 BC (UTC)
Meh. --Chrysippus 03:12, 11 Elaphebolion 425 BC (UTC)

I was about to nom this for deletion...[edit]

Then read the talk page. Good show. --Nintendorulez | talk 21:11, 25 June 2006 (UTC)

Well would you look at that — it seems we are appreciated by somebody. Guess you just gotta evolve to stay relevant. --  Da Thunda Jupiter Da Thunda 07:43, 4 Mounychion 425 BC (UTC)
I think humans deserve a better attitude. - Prometheus [Titan] 13:16, 4 Mounychion 425 BC (UTC)

From VFH[edit]

  • Against. All injokes are going to Hell. -- Colonel Swordman 20:42, 7 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment - Here I thought it was a Greek joke. Guess I oughtta brush up on my mythology. [1] -- Imrealized 20:48, 7 July 2006 (UTC)
  • Comment on the above comment by Imrealized - Υποκριτής -- Colonel Swordman 21:14, 7 July 2006 (UTC)[edit]

It's a travel booking site. Crazyswordsman...With SAVINGS!!!! (T/C) 03:16, 7 October 2006 (UTC)

Guys! Enough with the tragedy. You're making Shakespeare envious.[edit]

He's a playwright. Puh-lay-rite. You're all weeping to death just because of one scene. Crazyswordsman...With SAVINGS!!!! (T/C) 03:19, 7 October 2006 (UTC)