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For a couple of minutes I was left wondering what the hell was this? Than I noticed I was on "UNencyclopedia" :), this is article must be a JOKE (unlike the simulator), in that case, ok, it's not a bad joke, congrats!

Bottom point: FSX does runs (full graphic) on common PC's with 6 months or less old hardware specs. It may even help you learn how to fly a plane (as far as instruments, navigation, bit of ATC are concearned, NOT handling, at least not very much) But if you really want to learn how to fly one you have to go to fly the real thing, simulator doesn't "emulates" the funny feeling in your stomach when you make a zero or +3 G manouver. Apart from that it's the closest thing to the real thing there is for less than $50
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We may not have achieved humor heaven if it took him "a couple of minutes" to see that it was humor. On the other hand, having concluded that it was humor, he felt the need to type the above deadpan version right into the fricking article, so he might not have a sense of humor. Which might be okay. On a transatlantic flight, do you want the pilot cracking wise?! Spıke ¬  02:55 28-Dec-09