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As a Sky Gypsy in Rodeo New Mexico I thought it prudent to update you on the only active flying group of gypsies in the US. We have been working hard to change our image to make our grifting and scams easier to put over on the unsuspecting public. We have also shifted from unpowered hang gliders to powered weight shift aircraft. With powered aircraft it is much easier to escape the clutches of dissatisfied customers without looking for roof tops or other lofty places to launch. This also has the added benefit of decreasing the mortality of rate of fellow gypsies. Replenishing our ranks has always been a major problem which has led to the general decline in traveling sky gypsies. We have started an aggressive ad campaign to sell low grade cheap equipment to unsuspecting buyers, can I interest you in a quality aircraft and some lessons from one of our certified instructors. We suspect moving into the 21st century with our techniques will increase our income.

B Alvarius Lick the toad


WHY OH WHY did Gypsy get transferred here? It's just not the same! We want more pics of accordion-playing, badly-dressed, pipe-smoking, caravan-dwelling Gyppos!