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this rocks

Hehu42, that's awesome. That's just great! I love it!--Vercalos 15:49, 21 Oct 2005 (UTC)'s "addition" to the article[edit]

I'm considering reverting the article to the version before's edit, as I feel that the additions don't really fit the tone of the article, and frankly just aren't funny.. Anyone else have any say on the matter?--Vercalos 07:50, 8 Nov 2005 (UTC)


Feel free to ignore me, but as a die-hard Kirbyfan, I would appreciate making some changes, i.e. deleting the following:

NOTE: All components are in chronological order.

  • “He is kind of like a blob/ball. He is useless, but he brings a (-'.'-) (or {-'_'-) for fat people) to your face when you push him down the stairs.”

    ~ Some Kid on Kirby
  • "Kirby is a morbidly obese pink fatty..."
  • "...and now lives as a guitarist in his Madrid villa. He once was the world champion of Kitten Huffing, but lost his title to Muhammad Ali in 1947.
  • Kirby went into major depression and started doing drugs after breaking up with his girlfriend, red Kirby. They broke up after the events of The Amazing Mirror.
  • "No fatass pokemon can eat anything."
  • "He was born some time in the 1800s, to King Dedede of the planet Popstar, and Meta Knight's younger sister, Veta Night. In a freak birthing accident, Meta Knight's younger sister was inhaled by Kirby, killing her instantly. This is why he is pink when he inhaled(ate)Veta Knight, she had too much make up on.In rage and sorrow, King Dedede picked Kirby up by one flabby arm, swung him around 37 times, and threw him into space. Kirby, however, proved to be immune to space's lack of air or pressure air, and instead of dying, went into hibernation, until he came crashing back to Popstar in 1992."
  • The Beginning of Rock, End of Rock, Regenesis, Recovery, and The Band sections.
  • "...some fag rainbow place called Dreamland"
  • "where he precided to lose in the first round to Chuck Norris. Surprisingly, he placed 3rd and 4th in the next two Super Smash Bros. tournaments, respectively."
  • The Accusations and Kirby's Relations sections.
  • "Kirby was once accused of having an affair with chu-chu, Kirby was also rumored to have relations with his friend Nago."
  • "Kirby's first game was canceled, due to a large protest. The truth was, when a rock enemy was eaten, he originally would receive the "Stoned" power instead of the present-day "Stone" power."
  • "Kirby has recently confessed to being one of Mario's trusted henchmen. Mario gives him orders, and Kirby follows through. There's a lot of rumors going around that soon they will attack Turkey and eat it."
  • "Some experts believe that the sun was actually formed when Kirby no longer needed a certain power. As Kirby's powers usually exit his body in the form of a star, the aforementioned power must not have been too useful or he would have kept it."
  • "Kirby also admitted that he was born in 1890, in Nintendo's first attempt to make a video game, it failed so they started making cards."
  • "Kirby owns 7½ grammys. (The ones he got for "Kirby's Ultimate Happy Adventures" don't count because he accidentally ate them.)"
  • Kirby's new advenure slated for Wii is too easy to make fun of. I mean, "suck", "spit", and the word "Wii" are easy enough, but throw in the words "motion" and "multiplayer" and damn, it's not even worth trying to write this crap.
  • "Like Spongebob, Kirby's parents are, for some odd reason, a completely different shape from him."
  • "Kirby is the next step in evolution."
  • "He gave up and ate Pikachu."
  • "Every character from Super Smash Bros. Melee that did not get into Brawl was in fact eaten by Kirby."
  • "Kirby has never been videotaped taking a dump, nor has anyone seen his ass crack, coincidence? I think not!"
  • "If you even poke kirby he'll rip your throught out through your ass"
  • The Discography section.

I know it's a lot, but I think it's stupid and not funny. <insert name here> <(^_^<)Meh.Meh. Meh. or something like that 01:42, 30 November 2008 (UTC)

Rewrite Suggestion[edit]

I agree with Neox. I suggest that the current version of the article deleted and let Neox write the new version.

OMG! This Page Sucks![edit]

This article should have everything currenty in it deleted and totally replaced! By the way, Kirby was born in 1990!