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I was reading a page on this site about light sabres and what they really mean. Some fool has come to the conclusion that a light sabre is only a representation of a mans penis, and that star wars is just a big homosexual orgy. I would really like to know what possesed some one to write some thing so insanely ignorant. Now in this page a Sigmund Freud quote says that “A cigar is just a cigar, but a massive phallic object produced from beneath your robes is obviously a penis.” Now i dont know about you but when i pull a pen from my pocket to write some thing, and i always have a pen in my pocket, that doesnt mean that i want to have sexual relations with the peice of paper. Nor should these movies be based on such a wildly unbeleivable notion. Why is it that people veiw the world in such a way. A man writes a story about good and evil and a great story at that. A story with love lose and all the great things in between. Why cant a sword from a future just be that, a sword. A weapon that has been used for countless years as a weapon. It cant just be that a Jedi is to be noble and akin with a knight. That this is how real men battle with honor. Would you tell a samuri the same that his sword is only a representation of a penis. To the samuri the sword was a warriors soul. Why can it not be that? Just because Sigmund Freud says some thing doesnt make it law. I give the man credit for being a smart man but every that comes out of the guys mouth is realated to sex in one form or another. It bothers me that some one would look at these great stories and deface them in such a way. It is absurd to think of these films in such a way. And i light of the article that i read here it talks only about men. Last time i checked there are women Jedi. So are you going to tell me that these women are only want to be transexuals? This whole idea of a light sabre is absolutely insane. It is a sword, just a sword some thing that has great honor attached to it. Some thing this world has left behind just as most in this world have left there honor behind. I do not have a single problem with peopele expressing them selves the way they see fit. I dont not care if you are a homosexual or not. You are a person the same as me. I only write this because it is a totally false notion, and who ever put it forth is delusional. And if george lucas were to read this article he would agree and i am sure of that. And i wish that i could tell him about it so he could rebuke it himself. The next thing i read on here better not be that when King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone that he was only coming out of the closet. Any one of sound mind could see how ludacris this whole idea is. A light sabre is only a sword with a futuristic twist to it, that is all. Any one that says different is a fool.


So, what do you guys think: when King Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, was he really just coming out of the closet?

Oh, and BTW: WHAT THE FUCK? What the hell is wrong with you, you Star Wars nerd? I enjoy and respect Star Wars too, but that doesn't mean that you need to seriously defend jokes about it on a website that IS RENOWNED FOR HAVING ARTICLES FULL OF MINDLESS BULLSHIT! You wrote an entire fucking paragraph defending your precious movies against nobody. There's nobody here attacking them! "I wish that I could tell (George Lucas) about it so he could rebuke it himself." Seriously, get a fucking life.

And somebody really needs to merge these two articles. Driving me crazy. I'd do it, but I'm a n00b and don't know how. spencersage 21:34, 22 November 2007 (UTC)