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Article policies

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NRV nomination[edit]

I see that the page "American Military Victories" has recieved the "No Redeemable Value" stamp, and is about to be deleted. I, respectfully, disagree with this.

I am a patriotic American as much as any other, don't get me wrong. I have ALWAYS LOVED the "Complete Military History of France" joke that has been going around for a few years. However, I am not afraid to laugh at MYSELF a little as well. I find this page to be HILLARIOUS!

I really hope that this page doesn't get deleted.


I'm a little dissapointed- the war of 1812 has far more potential, especially for jefferson bashing. I' ddo it myswlf, but I'm only funny in person 21:09, 29 November 2006 (UTC)


OMG ROFL LMFAO LOL wotta comedian!