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This so called article is based on lies forged by Jewish Slovene Croat Turkish Muslim traitors to the motherland! I demand it be removed at once! This is an insult towards every citizen in the proud nation of the Worldwide Serbian Empire!

Damn it. We need to make sure we insult Croatians as well. ~ 22:49, 6 January 2009 (UTC)
I'm afraid this will catch on in America. Live from L.A. Olympic Coliseum in a racially tense city Los Angeles (Hell) in sunny but smoggy Southern California in the "land of the free" where "all men are created separate but equal" U.S. of A. "Monday Night Race war" on ABCBSNBCWB every Monday night! Tonight you see the black people take on the white people, the two teams representing Alabama. Next week it's the game everyone is talking about: The Palestinians vs. the Israeli Jews who were badly defeated last week by the Deutscheland Aryans in their home turf in Dachau just outside Munich. And don't forget the Americans will have a rematch against the La Raza to see who can cross the border "illegally" and get away with it to populate the precious lands, which was formerly the Injuns at the first place who were dropped from the playoff spot. Be there on "Monday Night Race War" and don't miss a thing!!!

P.S. FOX be it FOX network, Fox News channel or My Network may be edgy, but they will never air something like this. Like we need more FAKE boobage, right wing talking heads and low-quality "won't last a month" prime time shows. LoL!

P.S.S. L.A. Olympic Coliseum had to be cleaned out before the Black-White race war match. It was an U.S. army detainment center for all the west coast's Japanese "Americans" who had to be moved to Manzanar so the game will take place as scheduled. +