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I am a Mormon, and bagging on LDS people again and again and again, are you not tired ouf it yet? really?

PLEASE rewrite. If you wanna joke get your facts straight first.

In addition to the above I think it might actually be funnier in this case (like with Scientology) if you address their beliefs out right like a church literalism would do.

Mitt Romney[edit]

He dropped out of the race (to no suprise on my part), so shouldn't that be put in somewhere? Aren't you the little crack-baby today? 22:38, 7 February 2008 (UTC)

Could someone re-write this article to be funny and not attacking or offensive? There are alot of good ways to poke fun at mormons, but this article is offensive in a number of ways.

You won't always be protected from jokes that go beyond mild teasing over how Neleh from Survivor said "Oh my heck!" all the time. The Dutch comedy song Fart In The Duck that I posted below REALLY makes fun of Mormons early on. Then Russians. Then talks of incest. Then a medicine "Lick, lick, don't mind - three squirts, I'm fine"

I agree. I myself am a Mormon and I'm fine with people poking fun at us (I often find it pretty funny, actually), but I don't really like being called a moron. I certainly don't consider myself one, at least.

South Park[edit]

Are there any references of "South Park" on here? Because there's a very good Mormon episode about Joseph Smith.


I'm a mormon (Well, not a good one I smoke xD) But I do find this offensive not funny. It's fun to poke fun at mormons, but please don't attack them.

So you don't think you will cope? And it's not because you pull the dribbles off my cock is it? Or because you're a gay homo and you hand up too fast? Or because you hurled that bulb and hand up arse? Methinks it's all of those things, in that order. Well, just sit and fart in the duck. That'll make everything right in the world again.

-- I'm LDS and I smoke weed everyday and I don't give a FUCK! However I found this hilarious. -hawkeyefile

So you do LSD? COOL!

-- mormons are disturbing...

-- yes they sure are...

-- I caught a Mormon felching my dog the other day. He claimed that it elevated him to the Melchizedek (obviously a bullshit, made up word) Priesthood.

                      * Melchizedek is in the bible, stupid. Try Genesis 14:18. YOU'RE WELCOME.*

Add vikipedisation :P[edit]

pl:Kościół Jezusa Chrystusa Świętych Dni Ostatnich. Poland version

+ pl:Mormoni as interwiki.... but i cant do it myself

I wanna add something but I'm not a member.[edit]

Why is this even blocked off? But then again, although it must be added, I don't know where I'd add Fart In The Duck references. The openings lines and analysis follow, and then a link to the awesome video.

Line 1: The Mormons don't think they will cope. (The Mormons are overwhelmed by what you'll read in Line 2)

Line 2: They pull the dribbles off my cock. (There are apparently three Mormons there, a gay man, a straight man, and a straight woman, the gay man is frustrated about having to pull them off rather than eat them, while the others are just disturbed by pulling the dribbles from his dick)

Line 3: The gay-homo hands up too fast. (The gay Mormon I mentioned in my last explanation is mentioned here, apparently when pulling off the dribbles, he moves his hand up too fast, or maybe does something else with his hand too fast, but you can see him reacting in the flashback to the gay-homo handing up too fast)

Line 4: But hurled that bulb and hand up arse. (Here it gets kinky, apparently next he put a bulb of some sort, maybe referring to a penis head, and a hand up his arse. I don't wanna say anymore over it, because it's just too sick to think about. But I hope this explains Fart In The Duck's connection to Mormons, and also homosexuals)

Line 5 and beyond say nothing of Mormons, but it remains just the same with the intent. Line 5 "A Russian cunt has musky growths" reveals some unsavory things about Russian women.

I removed the protection on the page, so you can edit it. Also, get an account you lazy bugger. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 05:49, Aug 29
I do but I forgot the password.

On a serious note (bear with me, this is the only time I'll be semi-serious)[edit]

Being as serious as Sears when I say this, I noticed that the whole "inability to cope" section is constantly being reverted. This is not Wikipedia, so there is no reason to revert that section. Again, this is not Wikipedia, if you loko closely, the remainder of the article is a joke. Uncyclopedia is meant to be funny (without being stupid), and the Fart In The Duck tie-in section fits that criteria. If you don't find it funny, that doesn't mean you delete it, it means you make the kinds of edits to it that will make it funny, OR, you just go somewhere else. Or, if you want to completely avoid being offended, go somewhere like Wikipedia or Conservapedia. No godawful humor there for you. Now, I'd like the person who reverts it constantly to explain why, otherwise it's a rare case of Uncyclopedia vandalism. I don't want to hear something like "Because I thought it was stupid". Big deal, someone's going to find something stupid here. There's a good chance you enjoy stuff that I'm going to find stupid, but this site isn't meant to be politically correct. Leave that touchy-feely stuff to Wikipedia. I know why this article was protected in the first place. Hard to believe that there are people so messed up in the head that they would want to troll a site that pretty much contains all of the stuff that people edit into Wikipedia to be funny. Except they rejected my Weis Market article about farting both places. I'm a man without a country. Now if a man can't talk about Mormons being unable to cope because they pull the dribbles off of a creepy old guy's cock, then something just ain't right with America anymore. (/end pseudo-patriotic rant and semi-seriousness)

Hello. I reverted the whole article back to when I removed the semi-protection. It's not improved since then. I did this because I did not see any edits after that which I thought made the article better. Your edit looked kinda ranty to me rather than funny. I'm also a mormon myself and I'm deeply offended by this article. OK, maybe I'm not. Anyway I encourage you to try to continue with editing this article. MrN Icons-flag-gb.png 15:20, Nov 14
Wasn't really a rant. Was based on the song "Fart In The Duck" and meant to be a play on that.


I didn't mean to accidentally blank the page. I hit 'rollback' and fucked it up. I need to start aiming better. Love, User:Ethine/sig


I know how you feel, but remember, this is a website of MISINFORMATION. I can get offended about the article in Seventh Day Adventist Church--because I am a Seventh-day Adventist, but you can't do anything about it. If you want doctrines and all about the LDS church, please go to Wikipedia or Conservepdia. If you get offended easily, it is best to stay away from the article. --User:Mr. Epic Fail