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Good Article.[edit]

I cleaned it up a bit, but the article was pretty funny to start with. Just got a bit repetive. --Mr E 07:10, 25 June 2008 (UTC)


If the Okies on here could put in their info about other Oklahoma cities or enhance the ones already shown, that would be great.

Funny Map[edit]

OK this place is getting too Wikipedia-like. What happened to the funny map with the exaggeratedly-long panhandle?

Fuck you[edit]

I just spent like an hour adding a bunch of towns and cleaning descriptions up and shit and when I come back it's all gone. Native Oklahoman, I know so much about this shithole state I could probably write a real encyclopedia entry for it.

The majority of it wasn't up to par with expected standards (which 90% of the site will never meet, but still). Read the Beginner's Guide and UN:HTBFANJS before proceeding further. User:MacMania/sig[14:24 21 Aug 2010]

Not an authority but...[edit]

...I always felt that Oh-klahoma's achievements were being a basis for a musical, and stopping Colorado and Kansas from having to admit being neighbours with Texas. User:PuppyOnTheRadio/sig3

Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! ~BusterCherry (speak) Jul 23, '12 2:29am