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Older comments are in Talk:Pakistan/archive-1. Spıke ¬ 14:54 26-Mar-11

Contribution in User:Badmaas/Pakistan's neighbors[edit]

Read communist part specially, its Hilarious.
(Change language anywhere needed but not Russian please)

Pakistan’s backstabber Allies[edit]

Arab and Afghan backstabbers

Arabs are famous in middle east for backstabbing their own Muslim brothers. Arabs and backstabber, these two (1 + 1 = 2) words creating disambiguates in minds. Arabs and backstabbers are two different offspring’s of Morons. Arabs are Arab and backstabbers are backstabber. If you are an Arab then you are a backstabber, if you are a backstabber then you must be either a communist or Arab. Communist are different they are not candy stealer, but Arabs are. Arab steals candies from their own kids but communist share these candies with more communists but surely no candy for kids. Read main articles on Arab and Communist. Afghans are Arab but Arabs have oil which Afghanis do not have, even for their curies. Afghanis are well known for their Jihadi ego which no other Islamic Nation has, if you going hurt they will do Jihad for sure. Recent attacks of Anti-Jihad drones by United States of America force both punks towards Pakistan. US unintelligent services reports suggest that Arabs and Afghans are hided in Pakistan after a deal is singed by them for helping Pakistan against India. Here is the story instead of supporting Pakistan these backstabbers have start backstabbing Pakistan by stealing candies from their kids. Both backstabbers blaming Pakistan for incomplete Sharia laws. (Add more fun)

Crusader Backstabbers

America who calling pakis as only Non-NATO Ally, these crusaders has start shoving Drones in their Jihadi Ass. (Offensive!!! Please/may edit) Ouch…….that again hurts, you are once again backstabbed by your own Crusader friends. How stupid they are, they are backstabbed by their own Crusader friends for hiding their Arab backstabber friends. Now realize how stupid they are because they are supporting/backstabbing both Backstabbers. Must be they like someone backstab them or may be it is a some kind of research on backstabbers? Or it may be some kind of play too Doom their nation? (Really funny!!! Shape the language) Let us know and be a friend we will surely backstab you a lot. (may/must be more stupid)

No one should be blamed if he backstabs them because they deserve that.

They really like that because when India helping them with money when pakistan suffering from flood they reject that first and later they accept that money when they realize that if they are not going to accept they have beg it from their backstabber friend America. (bit funny!!! Edit and make it more funny)

The fact is that, Americans are Zionist and these punks are Jihadi. (really funny!! But dick so edit. ) Backstabbing is not end here Americans are selling Nuclear fuel to India and launching Drone attacks to pakistan. (not funny!!! Make it funny)


Iran backstabbing Pakistan from long ago, since Pakistan Independent. (Please/ must edit) Iran backstabbed Pakistan when Pakistani Nuclear Scientists A Q khan selling Chinese hand made Nuclear Bomb technology to Iran. They backstabbed Pakistan by exposing that bitch A Q khan. Must be these Morons are inspired by Pakistan. Pakistan loves to get backstabbed instead learning how to make Chinese Hand made Nukes they exposed Pakistan. Story not ends here Iran started FM Radio in Pakistan and backstabbed by Provoking Balochs against Pakistan. Ouch…… that hurt again, they captured city Zahedan and join Military exercise with India to learn how to burst your ass. Think if they sell India enough petrol to burn Pakistan, Indians will surely use it.

Communist Backstabber China

Pakistan can never realize that how much they backstabbed by these Communist. These Communist are the backstabbers which Pakistan is searching for, they are worst backstabber in this world, and must be in entire Universe because there is no infermation about any Alien in outer space worst then these Communists. When Pakistan going to realize this fact it’s too late. They are buying Chinese hand made Missiles from these Communists. (Funny!! Make it more funny if there is any room left for fun) Everybody know how much trustworthy is Chinese electronics. (rewrite this line) These Chinese GPS surely guide those Missiles Pakistan itself, and Indian will laugh at Pakistan when Pakistanis are killed by your own Missile. Think if these Missile carries Nuclear Warhead or They launched automatically to Pakistan or They strike Air force base of your Backstabber American friends. USA surely launch more drones for that. Who these Jihadis going trust if one of the Chinese hand made Missile will hit American Air Force base. America can’t sell weapon to these Punks anymore as they destroyed their Airbase. Russia can’t sell them until Pakistan supporting their Arab Backstabber friends. UK and France has already denied to sell their weaponry to them. Surely these Jihadi can’t make them by themselves. Will Pakistan steal them with help Arab Backstabbers? And think if instead of helping, these Arab backstabber friends will show them middle finger as Pakistan backstabbing Arabs by supporting American Crusade against them. And what If in this situation America force Pakistan to repair destroyed Airbase. What they gonna do?

Ottoman Backstabbers

Turkey is only Ally who backstabbing Pakistan like other allies but still backstabbing. Only reason why they are not backstabbing like other allies because Istanbul is too busy in backstabbing USA and Europe. Look at their flag it’s almost same like Pakistan but Pakistan using green and they using red...exactly opposite. This is clear indiacation Turkey also backstab Pakistan shortly. (Edit language please it’s not perfect) --Badmaas 13:01, November 3, 2010 (UTC)


This is a lot of material; and at the moment, it's what we call a rant--All of Pakistan's troubles owe to all backstabbing foreigners--and isn't funny enough. I suggest you copy this to your space, perhaps at User:Badmaas/Pakistan's neighbors. I will help you with the English and later we can decide whether to link to it from Pakistan or include it inside. But be sure that what you want to do is write humor rather than advance a political argument; that should be done on some other web site. Spıke ¬ 14:13 3-Nov-10

Map inconsistency[edit]

11/11/10...whats with the map? the pakistan page has kashmir as part of india, and the india page has kashmir (as well as sindh incidentally) as part of india. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Sir: We at Uncyclopedia are not sticklers for precision. We are sticklers for funny. Authors of various articles grab whatever graphics they can get their hands on. It gets worse; multiple articles are written about the same person (I mean Bush) from different viewpoints, and they disagree with one another! I am sorry you disagree on our placement of Kashmir. The correct solution is not to complain to us, but to start a Nuclear War. Regards Spıke ¬ 01:27 12-Nov-10

Pakistan's Niebhour[edit]

--Badmaas 16:55, January 31, 2012 (UTC) User:Badmaas/Pakistan's neighbors If no one intrested in editing that article then I am going to Submit it as a new article (after 15 days). Anyone who wish to edit can edit or edit later.

No Pakistanis here at all[edit]

There isn't a single Pakistani editor in the whole damn article, I see nothing here worth uncyclopedia, it exactly the same stuff Indian media says, doesn't sound like it was even intended to be funny Its only Indian insecurities. And don't even get me started about the wars, do you realise the size of Pakistani Kashmir in terms of Pakistani strength? Obviously for a tiny country like Pakistan taking away like 60 percent of Kashmir is a big deal, a victory. Not to mention 1965, India was practically left without any airforce, neutral sources confirm that / anyways india's objective was capturing Lahore, and apparently it failed hard And now about Bangladesh was, it wasn't even related to India, India should have declared was on the main country if they had shame, they cose to attack an isolated separatist outpost three thousand freaking miles away, thet's easier than russia capturing Alaska

And about Urdu, you're just insulting a beautiful language, Idc if you make fun of it, the vowel part was funny. But comparison to Hindi was just Indian insecurity.

For the sake of the site please do the article yourself but you know Indians don't have any sense of humor, they're just burning with hate

What happened to the funny questionnaire?[edit]

I remember visiting this page a few years back. There was this hilarious image attached. The image was the questionnaire one had to fill in to become a candidate for President of Pakistan. Questions included ones such as: Gender: Male, female, or general? Does anybody know why it was removed from the article? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)