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Replacement article[edit]

The former article on the Pink Panther Party was deleted by vote of Uncyclopedia users in December 2009. (See the archive.)

This article is a replacement developed during the vote on deletion.

Listen, Homie. There are many stereotypes about blacks. Being gay isn't one of them. I am making fun of blacks by using a stereotype that no one would believe--but we are also happy to make fun of blacks using stereotypes that everyone knows--as we are happy to make fun of whites, such as J. Edgar Hoover. None of this means I think any attribute is built-in, comes with blackness, or dooms any individual. Anyone is free to be whoever they want to be--although, if you buy into "black culture," you choose to conform to a pattern and could be stereotyped, whether it works for you or against you. Nor does it mean I think my own whiteness is superior. So please read this article, and perhaps comment on it, without trotting out the word "racism." (If you simply think that no blacks should ever be ridiculed, you will be much happier viewing virtually any other web site.) Spıke ¬  12:35 9-Dec-09

G.D. Lowe[edit]

moved from User talk:SPIKE

The "G.D. Lowe" thing was a reference to Guy Delo and His Orchestra, who really did make a Pink Panther disco record:

See, G.D. Lowe sounds like Guy Delo. I hope you understand. 21:52, May 12, 2010 (UTC)

A pun for a niche audience then? Hoping you are not Guy Delo humping a one-hit wonder, I have put your change back in. Thank you for jousting. Spıke ¬ 22:37 12-May-10