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Ant Ideas how we can make this article better and even more cynical?

Well its definately longer now i've stuck wee bits of club information on the list of teams. I'm going to add a paragraph describing the club, being as cynical as humanly possible, of course :)

Any ideas about what to say for the pish clubs like Dunfermline, Falkirk and Hearts?

well I'd love someone to write about how hearts were taken over by a psychotic, powerhungry turd who feels compelled to fire everyone he says hello to. Also talk about how dick-head hearts fans were so against 'money' in th SPL when they were doing shit but now they are total fucking hypocrits as it's the only reason they have made it to 4th in the league this year - and they're still behind Aberdeen (WHITEY!!!!!!).... anyway

I prefer the pseudo-German entry. ;) Someone must do one about our team too. =)

I'm still contemplating what to put for the Hibs one. I suggest devoting a large part of it to the fact that its acts like Celtic's youth club.

I think someone should write a paragraph with the title: 'Presley's Revenge'.