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I made the start, now go and improve this. -- 01:32, 6 Apr 2005 (EDT)

From[1], verbatim:

--- #885 +(187)- [X] <shizumaru> "Sega originally stood for "Segregated Arcade" and was started by a black man, Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960s, however MLK was later assassinated during a brainstorming activity concerning a new blue hedgehog character by a Japanese Sniper on the balcony of a hotel, the Japs successfully framed a white man and took over Sega taking the profits for their own." ---

Not to detract, just pointing it out. It's rather an early quote.

--Yhnmzw 02:31, 15 April 2006 (UTC)

YTMND vs. Sega[edit]

There has been a recent letter sent from Sega to YTMND that says they need to take down all of the Sonic websites or face legal action. Which I think is retarded cause dis shit is hella funny and is advertiseing their game in a positve way that they dont see.

Max tells the YTMND community about this:

Read the full legal notice here:

Max'x legal assistant DZK has already penned up a response available here:

Their response's lyrics contain the following:

Dear Brett Farrell, Legal Department,

Sega.... Europe? What the fuck? you Retarded?

first off smarty, your late to the party

and no-one thinks we're related even hardly

Cause number one, we're in a different country

number two, Sega never made nothing funny

number three... and this aint debatable

no one at Sega has ever been creative, dude

are you serious? the Hedgehog, son?

Sonic ain't been hot since Mortal Kombat 1

I'm not getting it, maybe I'm an idiot

but, what? -- is the U.K still playing Genesis?

the Hog had a his spotlight, now he's done

you all the only ones selling Power Gloves

still? now what's up? you got your panties loaded

Cause some jokes got written 'bout your pansy rodent

so you fancy homo's, send a letter annoyed with

the fact your faggy cartoon's been exploited

news flash genius, the only reason

Sonic ain't a ghost --- is cause WE KEEP IT BREATHING

pull the websites, you're pulling your franchise

out the public eye and you're taking an Anti-

freedom of speech, stance which does make me

laugh cause your game's full of fuckin' rape scenes


you keep investing on some ring-collecting

speed-ingesting freaks with a deep selection

of side-kick's named so homoerotic

Knuckles? Tails? Cream? - please... come off it

Jesus, people, what the fuck are you thinking?

why not name them -- "Masturbation", "Ass", "Semen"

please believe this, YTMND is

not your biggest problem... I think the Japanese men

who make your video game, maybe wrong

in the head, ever since we had dropped the bomb

as illustrated by your visual storms

of furry animal rape and gay tentacle porn

and the rainbow floors on your maps, for sure

suggest Sonic and Tails maybe friends, maybe more

any male half sure of how he's leaning

is one Sonic level from a ballerina

there's so much spinning, must be male gymnasts

I saw the Olympics, they all got a limp wrist

and is this his partner? the acrobat

that's like having a motherfuckin tag on your ass

that says "Entrance" not "Exit" --- if you wanna sex this

all you gotta do is have a dick and a fetish

for rings, just bring your thing and come get it

and that's what everyone thought, I'm just the one who said it

--ROMaster2 9:47, 13 January 2007 (UTC)

I did an article for Sega CD.--[email protected] 01:28, 29 June 2009 (UTC)