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Sam Patche[edit]

The missing Turtle fishermen from Japan werr a phlote months. Found off the coast of California a single survivor became an ambassador for immigration formation making it possible for people in Japan to live as citizens under naturalization laws formed from his example. The distinguishing individual was on the "black ships" when they approached Shimoda Japan for international relations. The people received the ships because they thought the black smoke was a sign that the missing Turtle Fishermen returning in crisis.

The governmental leaders at that time visited Sam Patche on the ships; he was recognized as the missing Turtle Fisherman. When asked to return to Japan, he refused. Though legend he never returned to Japan soil but became a Christian and made his life as a U.S. Citizen. The book of mostly pictures and Japanese characters was found in Hawaii. It is difficult to site a source from memory but it would be considered a rare book.

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