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Tamagotchi are small handheld devices which hold captured animals from Tamagotchi world that must be forced to act like a pet. It was released by Japan and was used to replace real life pets just for fun. The tamagotchi cages are small with tiny buttons that are used to force the poor animal to do commands.


Once peacefull exterrestial creatures who were later captured by humans when they had attacked their planet. A few survived on the planet however allowing the population to sustain on the planet. The captured creatures were then forced to be put in computer like devices and given out as toys for children. The last of the population in their home planet were soon captured and met the same fate.


Mametchi's early life as a samurai warrior

The president of Tama town in their own world who appears as a strange yellow rabbit like creature that strangely shares features from the pikachu family. However unlike pikachus he could not shoot thunder from his cheeks so he was considered useless. However he was said to have been a samurai warrior long ago. He is the main boss of the handheld cage as he is the hardest pet to get. He is shown to be extremely annoying in pesonality. He had appeared in many appearences outside his own franchise such as in some Mario Kart game where he was playable however he was accidently killed by Waluigi who claims to have accidentally threw some water at the digital creature. Mametchi was fortunately revived by a digiegg which contained his data. Mametchi being the main face of the tamagotchi series was once again killed by Pikachu and Agumon who both agreed for one partnership to get rid of the annoying bunny so their franchises can go to the top. He was once again revived by a digiegg however by that time no one cared about tamagotchis so he just stayed quiet. He was again killed by Luigi when he had accidentally sucked up his house with his vaccum. This time he did not come back as the digimon shut off the digiegg process after Terriermon died as he was even more annoying with his catch phrase.


Tamagotchi devices were soon recalled as it was complained of being a disturbance due to the beepings that the animals shout with when it tries to escape the cages.