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The Tandy 400, In Battle Mode.

The Tandy 400 was Strong Bad's computer. It was originally an Apple II, but Strong Bad decided to re-name it.

When Strong Bad's back is turned the Tandy occasionaly turns into a giant battlebot which ends up partaking in various misadventures. Much to the viewers mirth, the Tandy always returns to its original shape as soon as Strong Bad turns around again.

The Tandy was "retired" in 2006 after upsetting the plans of the Mountain Dew mafia for the last time. A brief cameo appearance can be found in Canis Canem Edit (that's "Bully" to you), with the game's penultimate mission involving "kegging" (pulling the trousers down) a Tandy-look-a-like without getting LASER'D!.


“Sonic Boom!”

~ Tandy 400 on Speeding hedgehogs

“I'm not a Dick!”

~ Tandy 400 on IQ Tests


~ Tandy 400 on United States (for no reason)

“This is the end for you, Megatron!”

~ Tandy 400 on his coffee machine

“This is the end for you, Boximus!”

~ Tandy 400 on his postal service

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