Tango the hutt

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Tango the hutt is a long lost twice removed and added five times to Jabba the Hutt's family even though he never was born in their blood line. he was very slim for a hutt cosidering he was a ugnaught.

Tango was the one who trained yoda to his great power as is or say so he says, he also gave yoda the ways of speaking backwards which have only been seen few very a time. The Archbishop of the Imperial rehabilitation center sought out to destroy him because of his creation of the midwife droid which help Luke Skywalker be born which the arch bishop knew and the Imperial speeder bike because it was to modern and the arch bishop thought is was a tastless invention. Unfittingly the Archbishop was killed in a illegal pod race that was uscheduled to go thorugh the rebel camps where Tango was staying.

  • mid-wife droid
  • Imperial speeder bike
  • the Imperial lightsaber(design stolen from Jedi lightsaber)
  • imperial bowcaster(stolen from the wookiees and painted sliver)
  • 2-FM Repulsor Tank(which was originally the 2-M Repulsor Tank)
  • the sneaker
  • the FM/AM radio

unfortunately only one was widly used, the rest where shuned and tossed aside.

soon after his career as an inventer fell apart he became a Nazi and shot Adolf Hitler thus ending WW2, realizing he was a wanted ugnaught, he headed for the great city of the southern universe, located in O'Ryan's belt,the city's name is so feared that it should not be uttered,shiskebob,people tremble with fear when they hear the name and sadly, Tango had gotten himself lost,he had wondered why people so many had run away from him(for he had no clue that the city was feared)he ended up paying 10 fifillion credits just to get pointed in the right direction. soon afterward he landed on shiskebob nd was greeted with a happy ten thousand blasters in his face.

The people of shiskebob[edit]

the people of shiskebob also known as the feared fuzzies (not the warm fuzzies either). The people of shiskebob are terraformed (their round) and are immpossible to kick/punch, etc. the reason is they never stop rolling also they are addicted to Kitten Huffingand cheap 80's booze. the reason is that they never really left the 80s but it left them. when Tango the hutt apeared on their planet in a destroyed flaming ship they danced around him with blasters (only because they were stoned out of their gourds)

Being stoned out of your gourd[edit]

Well man being stoned is one thing but outta your gourd is another you strato slur yourords and you get really s p a c e y. and also you get

     n           t
   e   i       i   e
 p       s   k

h a

that is all

Just in case it's not the dance and i think i'm babbling on and on...... so to save brain cells. Tango took over the great city shiskebob and enslaved all the fuzzies and this is how he did it. he got the king stoned double out of his gourd! and kicked him and the king exploded into thousands of peices causing the first intergalactic war to begin sadly it took so long for fleets to reach enemy planets the warriors on board died before an attack could happen. this war is also known as the most highly stupid war in all history.