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Honibo Tartrate was the heir to the 14th Honibo Shuwa. Born in what is now the Hiroshima Prefecture his real name is unknown, as much a mystery now as it has ever been. At the age of 8 he was already able to play Ito Showa in a stone game in Onomichi. At the age of 9 he played a game against Genan Inseki in a match in Osaka, and caned his sorry ass. In 1848 he was appointed Shuwa's heir and married Jowa's daughter at the age of 19.

The following year he made his first appearance at the Shogun's Palace. In the following 13 year period he played 19 Castle games and won the lot. He was hailed as a genius. Then his career took a setback as he died from Cholera. After his death in 1861 he was unable to defend his Castle title through ill health, and he had to quit Go. For a full 139 years he languished in retirement, living like a bum, hustling kids for pennies, being spat at in the street, and sleeping amongst the fallen autumn leaves. In 2000 that all changed, when he walked into an internet cafe.