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Tasmanians are a subset of the natives of Australia. Tasmanians have a strong overseas history, especially with New Zealand. Tasmanians are unique in their ability to be the only group of people to live overseas in their native country Australia. Furthermore, they're the only people in the world to communicate via telepathy and the only ones who can survive in the moon.

Most outsiders believe the story that Tasmanians also have two heads - a unique feature due to their history of serious in-breeding. The excessive in-breeding is due to the very small nature of the island which has a maximum population limit of 6 people (long since exceeded) who all live in the same house. For example, Bertha is her daughter's sister and second cousin twice removed and then put back again once and is now her lesbian lover. (This is only a small example of the complex incestual nature of the island)

Even so, most Tasmanians are intellectually inferior to the rest of Australia (except Sydney) and realise that they are really a colony of America, and all that stuff above is simply to keep the superior mainlanders snickering at their "Prime Minister".


Tasmanians are cold, cruel creatures, known for exterminating species. Tasmanians should be treated with respect and a moderate-to-large sized pole. If approaching a Tasmanian unguarded, beware for their characteristic ability to eradicate foreign races (see Aboriginals). Tasmanians are unique in their ability to commit genocide and still have Native Title cases against them. They are sly and not to be trusted. One may also keep at all times a dictionary, as logic is known to repel these unclean creatures. Tasmanians along side with being Inbred also their teenage girls around the age of 15 like to have sex with older men(Approx. 64 years young) and the girls will sometimes video this action of rape. One video is of two 15 year old girls performing a Tasmanian tag-team rape. Bianca Fitzpatrick is the name of one of the girls, ps. the pics are still coming to a uncyclopedia near you. Thats for saying that Liam is a dickhead on Matts myspace, and even though that Matt is just so damn sexy. And we the audience are left to read personal attacks on people who haven't got the stones to challenge each other in a proper way, for instance, chess, death races, or nuclear war.

A typical Tasmanian child.

Stan The Man’s Story 1 Made by (with a top hat). One day in the land of inbreeds sorry I mean Tasmania there was a girl named Bianca(last name will not be put in due to bullying issues)anyway Bianca and her friend Alolly where walking in the park and across the lake they saw the man of their dreams they followed him home but he closed the door behind himself. The next day the girls had school at lunch time while all the other girls where getting fingered by all the boys (I’m talking full fist)they could not stop thinking about that sxc man their man the 64 year old hunk “what a babe”, Alolly said “I no he was so hot the older and more wrinkly they get the more I want them “said Bianca “we sound find him” said Alolly “yeah” said Bianca. So all the next week they looked everywhere for this man but could not find him until just they were about to give up across the lake just as he was 7 days ago, well the girls they ran as fast as they could and ask “what is your name” well the man answered “the names Stan” just with that Bianca got so wet it left a mark on her mini skirt she jumped at him and put him to the ground and started to dry hump his leg Alolly joined in on his face another man came running over and pulled the girls off of Stan. The girls then in anger grabbed the man who helped Stan and just as they were about to kill him he pulled out his dictionary and the girls ran (logic is known to repel these unclean creatures) anyway the girls then went after Stan as fast as they could just as he was about to close his door the two girls push it open. The girls then took Stan down into his basement and strapped him down they then told him how good they would make him feel and that he had a huge dick they then took off all their clothes and then out of nowhere Lisa came and started to video(movie will be released later) while the girls play the song the made for him they took it in turns one would rape him while the other played with his balls, Stan yelled “No, not like this, not like this” they didn’t stop them they were going crazy ( Kirtus was masturbating while this was going on{to gay porn}) anywayz the girls went down on this bitch for like seven hours and then left the man there to die. But no, Stan was not giving up that easy.

Stan The Man’s Story 2 Made by (with a top hat). This is linked to Stan the man’s story 1 While Stan was there half dead he could see the phone he used his huge dick to call his mum (she would have to be like 87 or sum shit) she came down and help him up they then took him to the hospital and turn the girl went down on him so hard they broke him pelvis Stan the man was fuming whit anger form what the girls did to him so he set out to assassinate them so after he was fully recovered he went to Bianca’s house and all he found was a cat who had also had a broken pelvis but it was dead the girls fuked him so hard he died. This made Stan run to Alolly’s house but when he got there the girls were w8in he didn’t know what to do so he pulled out his 44 Caliber Love Letter straight from his heart but that did nothing but the girls yet again over powered him with their muscular bodies. The two girls took Stan into Alolly’s room and pinned him to the bed they then took off their clothes and striped Stan and Bianca put on the song shut up by the black eye peas and they then began. Alolly started she climbed on top of Stan and began to have unwanted sex with him as his penis got hard she got wetter and wetter until she was ready to take his big dick she started off slow but as time went on she stared to get fast and violent she screamed out in an outburst of her sexual pleasure she could not hold back she had the loudest orgasm ever while Alolly was going down on Stan Bianca was playing with herself she started with two finger but she found that it was not giving her the same amount of sexual excitement as it had it the past so she tried to put more fingers in but in was just not kinky enough so she asked Lisa to help her, Lisa put the camera on the bench and started to give Bianca oral sex by licking her vagina and rubbing her clitoris Bianca was pleased with Lisa’s sexual power in the ways of oral sex Bianca asked if Lisa wanted some back so as Alolly continued on Stan Lisa and Bianca satisfied each other’s sexual fantasies. As the girls went on and on Stan’s mum that right the 87 year old bat from crc library with her sxc boy friend Mr. Hill anyway they came in with black flag the best to kill a pest and yeah they killed Alolly but Bianca escaped and ran to a much better state some place without all the inbreeding and plans to rape again. ARE YOU NEXT ON THIS NUT-JOBS LIST.

Bianca’s cat’s story Made by (whit a top hat). Dear readers many of you have been asking me who is the cat what happened to it so this is the story you the people of Australia have been asking for. one day it a land of rape there was a cat and it name was Bianca’s cat. On this day well all that week Bianca had been being very creepy she kept telling her cat about this man... Stan she talked about how sxc he was a real man well Bianca’s cat didn’t think anything of it until Bianca came home that day she was looking like such a slut mini skirt, short top and rape hair(rape hair is like sex hair only unwanted) Bianca’s cat ran to hide but Bianca could see it she walked over too it a picked it up exposing its ass Bianca got a rush of hormones leaving her as wet as the ocean, she then ran straight to her mums room and took out the double sided dildo she put one end up her and the other she put up her cat’s ass it started to bleed but she didn’t stop as she fucked it in its anal the cat tried to run but she over powered it with her huge tanked out body the poor cat couldn’t get away after about 2 hours of cat rape Bianca stoped and went to get Alolly but as she pulled the dildo out Bianca’s cat died. Bianca left to see Alolly but while she was gone kurtis climbed into Bianca’s house by a widow and found Bianca’s cat on the ground and well he could not control himself not that he wanted too but anywayz he grabbed Bianca’s cat and put his little dick in its mouth and started to get oral sex off a dead cat. With the cats last bit of energy it gnawed kurtis’s little dick off. Then it was kicked into a barrel of hydrochloric acid with its kittens.