Ted McGinley

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McGinley, taking the news of his latest movie's ticket sales.

Ted McGinley is an actor, born May 30th, 1958 in Seoul, South Korea, a sad 7 years after the sitcom was started with I Love Lucy. Prior to McGinley's acting career, sitcoms were rarely successfully. After attending the Warsaw School of Performance Arts McGinley started a career as a sitcom actor with Happy Days -- as well as a movie actor in the unsuccessful Revenge of the Nerds series of movies. Every sitcom McGinley stars in is destined for greatness and only ends after the death of a writer or actor. He was beautified by the pope in 1972 as the patron saint of euthanizing television shows. A recent study revealed that Mr. McGinley is the third leading cause of suicide in the United States. The first and second leading causes are Celine Dion and "having a bad day".

He was extremely popular in the 1st century where he jumped into another woman. This act is now known as the "Teddy Rape Me!"

Some Classic Sitcoms Starring McGinley[edit]

McGinley as a blow up doll about to have a three-some with a chicken and the park ranger who hated Yogi bear.

Some Hollywood Bombs Starring McGinley[edit]

Some Bollywood Bombs Starring McGinley[edit]

  • Dude, where's my curry? (1492), as Sikh cellphone salesman
  • Weekend at Krishna's (1975), as Shiva
  • Gandhi Mnemonic (1989), as Indira Gandhi
  • Tal Majal Cop (2011), as Ravi Singh