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“A whole group of teenage boys in one place? I'm There!!!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Teenlug
Your Typical Teenlug members, ready to help you with any Linux or Doctor Who related matter

Teenlug is a group of young Linux users who go on IRC every Saturday to discuss matters relating to Doctor, but as a sideline, they also talk about Linux.

The history of Teenlug[edit]

Before the discovery of the computers, teenage boys sat at tables staring at walls and poking at pebbles and rocks, hoping to see a picture of a naked woman. Then, out of pity, Alan Turing created something for boys to poke. He called it the computer.

50 odd years later, Linux was born and sooner or later a teenager downloaded linux and started to develop it to view porn. More and more porn viewing teenage boys discovered Linux and soon a small group of Linux users merged together as Linuxteens.

Saint Ignucius, Patron saint of Linux blesses Teenlug

The War of Independence[edit]

Though completely different from Macs, Linuxteens stayed a semi autonomous part of Macteens until the admin got pissed and started a new website called Teenlug. There we're no battles...sooo it wasn't even a war.

What are they doing now[edit]

Now? Ohhh...well, probhably claiming to be programming something whilst looking at porn I guess. That or discussing Doctor who. You never know, someone may actually be programming something! Or, wait, yeah, they're all watching porn.

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