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Monabeanhalffinished.jpg This article has a good idea and concept, but isn't finished. You can do something about it.

Note to tagger: Please leave a one-sentence summary about this article's idea by specifying the summary parameter.

This template is used to add articles to Category:Ideas. Such articles should have an awesome idea behind them which has not been carried out very well or needs to be finished.

Please do not add new pages to this category unless they are good enough not to have to go through the vetting process that happens to expired {{expand}} tagged articles - instead, use {{expand}} to add them to Category:Articles to be expanded.

To view Category:Ideas in a (possibly) more useful way, take a look at Uncyclopedia:Ideas.

When using this template, include a one to two sentence summary of what the article in question is about. Imagine it as that sort of one-line summary you see in TV guide.

Usage example:

{{idea|summary=Brilliant Pun of the popular TV show and cocaine lines}}