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San Jose State University
Motto Stanford Sucks
Established 1853 (as Mrs. Dickdoer's School -- look it up!)
School type Gigantic third-rate commuter college
Head given freely at no charge
Location San Jose, California, U.S.A.
Campus semi-urban sprawl, Taco Bell, homeless
Enrollment beyond count, and vaguely Asian
Endowment What's an endowment?
Faculty thousands, all entirely undistinguished
Mascot Sammy the Spartan, in a canoe

Another pointless infobox from the people who brought you {{Infobox Country}} and {{Infobox video game}}. All fields are optional.

{{Infobox University
 |name           = 
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 |caption        = 
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 |type           = 
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 |president      = 
 |city           = 
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 |enrolled       = 
 |graduates      = 
 |faculty        = 
 |endowment      = 
 |campus         = 
 |mascot         = 

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