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Warning: do not edit this template unless you know exactly what you are doing.

The rewrite tag is used to signal other users that the article in question is substandard so they are encouraged to edit it or even restart it. You have several options to choose for.

Usage 1: no parameter

With no parameters supplied, it will display the default Peanuts (soft) option.

  • Example: {{Rewrite}}

Usage 2: weight (unnamed) parameter

You may use the first parameter to give levels of harshness:

  • soft: displays Peanuts, use when you want to signal for minor fixups


  • medium: displays Nip & Tuck, use when the article needs a new structure yet the basic idea should be preserved


  • hard: displays Steamroller, use when the article needs to be totally restarted


  • Example: {{Rewrite|hard}} - strong rewrite (steamroller).

Usage 3: character parameter

You can use the "character" parameter to choose a thematic option. Character rewrites are considered the same as medium rewrite for weight purposes.

  • mrt: if you're feeling nostalgic...

Template:Rewrite/Old School

  • simon: if you think the article is horrible


  • axl: if you want Axl Rose to tell security to make the writer rewrite


  • trump: if you want Donald Trump to threaten to fire the writer
Trumpfired.jpg Stop hand.png "Donald Trump does not like this article!" Stop hand.png

I've seen funny articles, and this article is not funny.
Many people have worked harder on funnier articles.
You can fix this article by rewriting it or else you're fired!

  • ermey: if you want a drill instructor to give the order to rewrite


  • Example: {{Rewrite|character=mrt}} - display the old school Mr. T. rewrite.


Pages with this template are added to Category:Rewrite