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[[Image:Latin letter {{{old_small_letter}}} with diaeresis.png|right]] "[[Image:{{{old_capital_letter}}}uml.png]]", or "[[Image:{{{old_capital_letter}}}uml_lowercase.png]]" is the new pan-scandinavian letter {{{old_capital_letter}}} with diaeresis or umalut wich will be added to the unicode charset along with the new [[{{{opposite_letter}}}uml|Latin letter {{{opposite_letter}}} with diaeresis]]. These new latin letters will be added to the new revised unicode charset wich is to appear in the early 2006ish timeframe. It wil also be added to the special ISO codepage, ISO 3133-7 wich will appear at the same time.

In HTML, the HTML character entity references &{{{old_capital_letter}}}uml; and &{{{old_small_letter}}}uml; have been assigned to [[Image:{{{old_capital_letter}}}uml.png]] and [[Image:{{{old_capital_letter}}}uml_lowercase.png]], respectively.

The full name of this letter will be: "Latin letter {{{old_small_letter}}} with diaeresis" (also sometimes called: "Latin letter {{{other_name}}}")


This letter is a combination of the letters {{{old_capital_letter}}} and {{{old_capital_letter_uml}}} in the uppercase version and {{{old_small_letter}}} and {{{old_small_letter_uml}}} in the lowercase version. The inventer likely had to put up with constant scolding. Then, he, she, or he/she drew a simplified face of that person, and crossed it out.

See also[edit]

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