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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for T.I.?

“I like Bring Toilet Out. I always listening it while shitting”

~ Oscar Wilde on Toilet Idiot Popper

“T.I.P. was like "Shawty"!”

~ Chamillionaire on Toilet Idiot Popper

“Rubberband Men? That sounds like some kind of terrorist organization.”

~ George W. Bush on Ten Inch Player's song "Rubberband Man"

“I can do whatever I like”

~ Barack Obama on Ten Inch Player
Left, well dressed Ten Inch Player wearing nerd sunglasses.
Right, stylish Toilet Idiot Popper trying to shit on front of the audience.

Cliff Harris (born January 8, 2000 in Bankhead City, Atlantis), better known by his stage name Ten Inch Player, and also by his alter ego Toilet Idiot Popper, and it's shorten T.I.P., and it's another shorten T.I., is a This User Is Better Than You Award-winning American rapper, wikipedian, song producer, ghostwriter, singer, actor and CEO of Grand Haxle Records. He started rapping quickly after he was born, just about 24 hours.

Ten Inch Player is a lil bit nerdish guy who always editing T.I. article on wikipedia.
Toilet Idiot Popper is a dirty guy who living in his toilet room, but he is a real gangster.

His rapping skill using "NIGGA", "SHAWTY", "YA DIGG?", "HAAA", "LOL" mainly has loved by many major label rappers such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Officer Ricky, Fat Joe & Kanye West. He often associate with them too.


Most of songs he wrote is about his alter ego, Toilet Idiot Popper, who loves toilet sorely. He and his alter ego often fight in the music. The most known fight music is "T.I. vs. T.I.P." from Toilet Muzik that Ten Inch Player aka T.I. is trying to be a famous wikipedian while Toilet Idiot Popper aka T.I.P. is trying to stay in ghetto toilet.

After several conflicts between each side, their confrontation begun on the two albums Cliff vs. Clifford and it's sequel T.I. vs. T.I.P. in 2007. Toilet Idiot Popper aka T.I.P. was died in the toilet after shooting between both sides. T.I. used AK47 with his plenty amount of money while T.I.P. used tactical shit catapult with cheap money. Ten Inch Player talks about this scene later on the song called "Dead and Gone in Toilet".

Ten Inch Player and his alter ego, talking while shitting.

History of T.I.P.[edit]

Cliff Harris era[edit]

His debut album was released under original stage name Cliff Harris, but later he changed it to T.I.P. because it sucks balls.

Toilet Idiot Popper era[edit]

T.I.P. announced that his stage name "T.I.P." stands for "Ten Inch Player" on the MTV's interview, but it raged his alter ego Toilet Idiot Popper. Ten Inch Player and Toilet Idiot Popper started fighting on albums and mixtapes, such as in the song "24's Toilet" Toilet Idiot Popper claim he got 24-inch toilet that can shit smoothly. While Toilet Idiot Popper achieving success among fanbases, Ten Inch Player produced a track called "Rubberband Man" that rapping about his dream on the past, being a famous drug dealer like Frank Lucas. The song was promoted by many critics, such as MTV and BET. However, president George W Bush responded as "Rubberband Men? That sounds like some kind of terrorist organization." which caused many disappointments among hip-hop critics about the administration, and lowered his presidential approval rating.

Toilet Idiot Popper started being jealous, and secretly produced 3 disk album Urban Toilet, sold over 13 million copies worldwide. Toilet Idiot Popper got plenty amount of money, but later he wasted them by buying 238 gold-toilets from kings on Dubai. Toilet Idiot Popper talks about gold-toilets on the album K.A.N.G., stands for "King And Noob Gangster". He stated that "King is me. Its everybody knows. Noob gangster is about Ten Inch Player. He's trynna take over my name". Although Ten Inch Player got chance to produce track for K.A.N.G., he just produced one song called "Why You Wanna Go to Toilet", asking question about Toilet Idiot Popper's attitude that never try to stay off his gold-toilets. K.A.N.G. sold over 18 million copies worldwide, making Toilet Idiot Popper more rich and more generous.

In 2007, two sides have involved in confrontation. Ten Inch Player produced a song called "Anti-Toilet Is Coming" which completely dissing Toilet Idiot Popper, including lines such as "I hate toilet, it stinks and smells pussy/I don't wanna go there no mo', even the pussy get bullied". Toilet Idiot Popper mad as hell by this incident, and quickly responded by producing a song called "Big Shit Popping In My Toilet" that dissing Ten Inch Player such as saying "No T.I. partner!" at the outro. Both songs are recorded on two albums, Cliff vs. Clifford and it's sequel T.I. vs. T.I.P. Both albums sold over 13 million copies worldwide.
On August 19, two sides confronted at Bankhead City public toilet and had 25 hours shooting. The result was Toilet Idiot Popper's death. Ten Inch Player has arrested by killing Toilet Idiot Popper. Ten Inch Player later regrets about this incident on the song called "Dead and Gone in Toilet", with describing what was happening on that time.

Ten Inch Player era[edit]

After Toilet Idiot Popper's death, Ten Inch Player started to produce "rock enough" songs to encourage dismayed fanbase. He produced a song called "This Song Called Whatever You Like", which reached #1 spot on Billboard Hot 20000 chart by throwing rapping away and using Autotune heavily.
He spawned another #1 song called "Live Your Toilet Life", which dedicated to Toilet Idiot Popper in heaven. Other notable song including "WTF, SUP" that used for attacking Bankhead City rapper Shawty Hoe.
The album included these songs, called Papa Trail, sold over 18 million copies worldwide. 2 million inside US and 14 million in the moon, 2 million in the rest.

The Resurrection of Toilet Idiot Popper[edit]

In June 2009, Toilet Idiot Popper posted a voice message that claims he is still alive and living in Iraqi public toilet on YouTube. He also stated that "Obama is da man" and expressed his hatred against Ten Inch Player as saying "He should die". He said he'll be in his rap career a year from now when he returns from Prison....err I mean the Iraqi public toilet on Youtube. It seems the judge reduced from 300 years to 1 year mostly because he served community service by prostituting him self to MTV. The reason why he was punished is because he was charged for possesion of laxatives and paid a $100,300 fine for purchasing 20 gallons of Pepto Bismol and 10 pounds of laxatives.

Ten Inch Player and his alter ego, fighting chess competition for right to use record session.

Joe Biden[edit]

In T.I.'s song "This Song Called Whatever You Like" he finally came out of the closet and revealed that he wanted Joe Biden.




  • Cliff Harris era
    • "I'm Serious lol" (2001) - C
  • Toilet Idiot Popper era
    • "Be 3asy" (2003) - A
    • "24's Toilet" (2003) - B
    • "Rubberband Man" (2003) - A
    • "Let's Get Away to the Toilet" (feat. Jazze Pha) (2004) - B
    • "Look Toilet I Got" (2004) - B
    • "No More Toilet" (2004) - A
    • "I'm Just Doing My Job" (2004) - B
    • "Bring Toilet Out" (2004) - B
    • "U Don't Know Toilet" (2005) - B
    • "A.S.A.P.O.L.I.C.E.C.H.E.L.O.N.I.G.G.E.R.O.M.I.O.A.N.D.J.U.L.I.O.F.U.C.K." (2005) - B
    • "Front Front Back, Front Front Back, Front Front Back, Side 2 Side" (feat. UGK & Snoop Dogg) (2006) - B
    • "Ride My Dick" (feat. Beyonce) (2006) - B
    • "What You Know About Toilet" (2006) - B
    • "Why You Wanna Go to Toilet" (2006) - A
    • "Top Back Remix [Remix]" (2006) - B
    • "Toilet in the Sky" (feat. Jamie Foxx) (2006) - B
    • "Big Shit Popping In My Toilet" (2007) - B
    • "You Know What Toilet Is" (feat. Black Eyed Peas) (2007) - B
    • "Hush, Hush, Hush, Hush" (feat. Lil Wayne, 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes) (2007) - B
    • "T.O.U.C.H." (feat. Eminem) (2007) - A
    • "Anti-Toilet Is Coming" (2007) - A
    • "My Swaggggggggg" (feat. Black Eyed Peas) (2007) - A
  • Ten Inch Player era
    • "No Matter What There's No Toilet" (2008) - A
  • You looking Hater .
  • WAZZUP what you do .
  • How YoU KnoW

  • A = produced by Ten Inch Player
  • B = produced by Toilet Idiot Popper
  • C = produced by Cliff Harris

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