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Whoops! You may have been looking for Hentai and not even known it!

On a skinny-dipping expedition, Dr. Suzie No first discovers a pair of tentacles.

A tentacle is the male reproductive gland, first discovered in 1923 by Dr. No, of any carcinogenic aquatic molecule such as the octoroon or the squint.

Prior to its discovery, tentacles had been farmed by natives of Japan for thousands of years.

The ink secreted by these glands of these animals causes cancer in other males but propagates these nearsighted species when exposed to the eight-chambered reproductive organs of the females. Tentacles are also found in some space aliens and on some types of octopus.

Tentacles are not to be confused with testicles which are a different type of reproductive organ. See Octopussy.

It is a common fallacy that tentacles can impregnate humans, a mistake made by the producers of Uncyclopedia Madness. However, because humans and tentacles are far from being the same species, the biology fairy has declared that this is impossible and smothered a dead squirrel in a special kind of gravy. Therefore, human females (and biology fairies) can find infinite harmless enjoyment in getting tentacle raped in the way stated above. To the disappointment of many tentacle-human couples, this means their only hope to have kids is to adopt a starving pantsless child from a sweatshop in Taiwan which is very sad.


The mythological magic tree is often characterized as having two tentacles (or one twentycle). However, very few reputable magicians believe in the existence of trees.

Other Meanings in 20th Century Society[edit]

In some villages in northeastern India, Tentacle (See also Fetish) has been referred in Irrelevant conversations as the body hair found on females off the coast of Ethiopia. (See also Feces.) In some of these said conversations, it has gone as far as to explain why the neck hair on the chest of the neck is found there in the first place.