Terror of Death

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The Terror of Death


The Terror of Death is like Garfield. It's something. To know exactly what it is, is to know death itself, and thus is why not much information is currently available on the Terror of Death. We have six facts, however.

  • He goes by the name of Skeith
  • He likes to murder people
  • He is a necrophiliac. (He can't fuck anyone living because of his other traits!)
  • He crucifies everyone he sees on his staff
  • Everyone he touches dies
  • He tastes good with grape jelly and beer

The final one is attributed to Oscar Wilde, who has been said to have had a near-death experience, in which he grabbed an arm-rock-thing from the Terror himself, took it home, smeared it with jelly, and shrunkified it. He then dissolved it in his beer, and it was good.