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“God, you make me so fucking mad!! I swear to God, I could just choke the goddamned life out of you! I just... I just... I gotta fuck something RIGHT NOW!

~ Testosterone on Life in general

Testosterone is a famous man who inspired the creation of Pringles. Currently, he appears on Pringle cans wearing a sexy, red bow-tie while sporting a voluminous mustache. Testosterone is often incorrectly referred to as Mr. Pringle.

Contributions to History[edit]

Testosterone's greatest accomplishment and contribution to history was the invention of the bow tie in 2112 BCE. He accidentally discovered the chemical structure of the Afro when he spilled ketchup on his bow-tie, thus creating the perfect froey combination.

Testosterone assisted with the downfall of Darth Hitler, allowing the re-emergence of ninjas through-out Europe. This act, however, has made him a great enemy of Pirates, who have long-harbored a deep hatred for ninjas and all affiliated with them.

During the earlier stages of his life, Testosterone had an affair with Janet Reno resulting in the birth of Pop'N'Fresh, a.k.a. the Pilsbury Doughboy. His relationship with Janet Reno ended when her fame for being the epitome of all that is male came between them.

Enemies of Testosterone[edit]

During one of his stays in Prison for protesting in support of Dragqueen Tennis Rights, Martha falsified dates on the prison calendar causing Testosterone to miss a dentist appointment. The general atmosphere of the prison was not happy after this occurred.

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